Family: Zero
Date: 1993

Mass: 18g
Black Iridium

Brother J -
Lens: Black Iridium

Finally got my hands on a pair of these and I like them a lot...I was always told they were so small, and I don't find that at all, and I am a big brother...picked them up pretty cheap too and have rounded off my collection of the vintage Zeros, being the 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3.
Dullisc -
Frame: Brush
Lens: 2nd Gen Black Iridium

Love the look and feel of these glasses. Very lightweight and eye catching when wearing them out. The design reminds me of the Mars and Madman styles, very Mad Scientist styling.
Larger lens than the Gen 1 0.1 lens but still gives great coverage for being a smaller frame.
Great pair to own and wear if your lucky enough to find out there.

Whatever -
Frame: Brush
Lens: 1 & 2 Gen

There were made 2 comercial variations for this model. On the first generation, the lens have full orbitals. In my opinion, they are small and seems they were made for tiny faces...
The second generation (the model on the picture) is pretty similiar to the Sub Zeros #1n Carbon Fiber. They have a semi-rounded and larger lens than the first generation. They have significant differences from each other,make no mistake! Nowadays is a piece for display only.
flippj -
got 2 pairs on display, love em! so light, wouldnt risk wearing them unless i got hold of another pair which wasnt quite so mint.
LEX7 -
Lens:Black Iridium

Finally finally i managed to find a pair of thise. truely the second best looking zero ever made. very very old school with the perfect circle lenses. look far too silly to wear which is a shame cos they are lighter than air and are very comfortable but are a must have in any vintage collection.
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