Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: May 1996-1999

Mass: 29g
The logically offset geometry of our Straight Jackets provides unimpeded protection, performance and style. Go anywhere, do anything; our Unobtainium¨ earsocks become more adhesive as you sweat, and Oakley's patented XYZ Optics provide visual clarity that's virtually distortion free. Ultraviolet light is completely blocked and the Iridium¨ coated lenses reflect glare and heighten contrast. The result is a comfortably secure fit you'd be whacked not to love.

Frame: Emerald
Lens: Gold

The original Straight Jackets - considered by many to now be vintage or "classics" - pioneered Oakley design for future renditions of this pair of popular shades. Built for those with medium to large profiles, these glasses provide excellent coverage with larger lenses and also protect perephrial vision. Emerald and Gold still reign as a beautifully orchestrated color combo, but by today's standards these glasses appear to be a bit dated in terms of aesthetics. Still, an overall solid pair of Oakleys that offer fit, comfort, and adequate protection.

james -
Frame: full metal straight jackets
Lens: black iridium

These were my second pair of Oakley sunglasses and were by far my favourite for a long time. Hard waring and could take a bounding. I loved the fit and the weight and had them for 10yrs until a crack appeared in the frame.

Great glasses and would get a new pair if i could
Ian -
Frame: Pearl/Electric Mustard
Lens: Black Iridium

The Pearl were my first Oakleys ever. The EM were equally awesome. It was love at first sight with the SJs. After the New SJs came out, I realized that the originals didn't quite fit me as well as the new ones. I've lost my originals, and it breaks my heart that I can't quite seem to find them again.
Dann -
Frame: Suede
Lens: Gold

One would wonder why wrapping a frame in suede would be a good idea. While it doesn't appear to be true suede, it looks like the same material as on the Mars, so it should ruin nicely all the same. Unlike the Mars, there aren't too many places where I can pick them up without touching the suede, so it gets me scared about the long term effects of handling them. Might be best to have a de-humidifier in the room too in order to help out with the moisture in the air. Better yet, vacuum seal them in a box and all should be well.
djsqiigles -
Lens:Gold Iridium

My buddy gave me these, he tried them on and didn't like them and since they were oakley I quickly accepted his gift. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite pairs of thermonuclear protectors.Strange for me because of my affinity for the more expensive line of oakley. I use these everyday now they are incredably comfortable(due to its light weight, great sculpture and ear socks), have never fallen off and of course are optically perfect. The raked styling has great appeal and I love how the bridge comes out(flat bridges never look good on me). Next to monster dogs these are my favorite glasses for everyday use. I deffinatly need a nother pair with a polarized lense ^_^

Sum up.
Light weight.Great Design.Good Pricing.A must have.
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