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Ijon__Tichy -
Very nice lens. Not really special in any way, but the g30 base is very nice and the Titanium Coating is by far the best additional coating - the mirror is unbeatable and there's almost no ghosting.
Harry in Poland -
Beautiful lens. Not to dark for slightly overcast weather but dark enough to handle bright sunlight. I love it so much I bought a second pair of the Matco square wire 2.0s. One pair is always in my backpack (unless I'm wearing the glasses!). The other sits at home unopened as insurance against a possible terrible day in the future when I break or lose the other pair!
jumpman73 -
Very nice alternative to the Ti Clear lens. It give more sun protection than the Ti Clear allowing the wearer to have more options for lighting conditions. The color is really nice having a pinkish Ti Clear color to it.
Rick -
I first came upon this lens in a Japanese Exclusive Crosshair with a Berry frame. The combination of the Berry frame and the G30 Titanium tends to look a tad feminine, but the lens itself is gender neutral. I have only worn the lens a few times and I quite liked it. The "Titanium" etching is an added touch.
frankie4fingers -
It's the best lens color I weared. The contrast is not such agressive like the one of G26 but better mirror than G30. It's handy for daily wearing, even in bright light you have no problems.
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