Family: Soft Case
Date: 2005

Different conditions require different gear. We engineered the OAKLEY GOGGLE ARRAY CASE for pro competitors, but anyone can take advantage of this lightweight soft-shell case of durable nylon. Enhanced with protective padding, it carries any three Oakley goggles. A full zip closure allows for easy access, and a shaped handle gives you a secure and comfortable grip. Mesh slots offer storage space for your extra lenses so you?ll always be ready for the weather. They also hold your tearoffs and MICROCLEAR? bags for lens cleaning. (Goggles, lenses and accessories sold separately.)
Black (3 Unit)

Bigsekc8 -
I am a recreational snowboarder and have 3 pairs of Oakley goggles, so it made sense to purchase this case. It is a very nice case, my only complaint would be the elastic tether the keeps the zip lid from flying all the way open, likes to try to "sneak out" when zipping it up. No big deal at all.

Now I just need to get a pair of Seth Morrison Crowbars to keep in it.
Ed -
Although I don't own a single pair of goggles, I bought this case anyway because it just looks cool. The big grey icon on the top is rubbery and three-dimensional just like the one on the AP Rolling Bags. I actually found a use for it as a toiletry bag. With me, my wife, and my 3-year-old daughter, most standard toiletry bags are too small to hold all of our stuff. This case is just right, and the dividers keep everything from sliding to one side. Too bad it doesn't come with a shoulder strap (it doesn't have eyelets to accept one either). That would make it even more versatile and easier to carry around.
Rick -
I am using this as a tote for X-Metal Vaults. They fit nice and snug using the velcro-attached dividers. I imagine the case works well for goggles too.
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