Family: Eyewear Parts

Black (Left)
Black (Right)
Blue (Left)
Blue (Right)
Pearl Green (Left)
Pearl Green (Right)
Red (Left)
Red (Right)

Rick -
Nothing spruces up the appearance of a Juliet like a nice shiney new pair of earsocks. I wish Oakley sold these bulk. I'm not so much for slapping colored ones on every pair - the black is understated and nice enough. But, for that special pair, a red, blue, or green earsock can really give it that custom touch.
jumpman73 -
Good to have spares around. Also lets you replace torn ear socks.
oogie -
Again, the colors offer a great level of customization for your x-metals. The main hassel, of course, is the pain and suffering of removing the old ear socks and sliding on the new socks. Plenty of helpful tips out there to lube up the job, but a decent undertaking nonetheless.
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