Family: Sport
Date: May 2005-2006

Matte Clear
Blue Iridium
Pink w/Black Earstems
polished black
Fire Iridium
Polished Black
Polished Neon Yellow
Fire Iridium
Polished White

Ian -
Frame: Polished White
Lens: Jade Iridium

I got the frame only as part of a trade. I tossed in an M-Frame lens, and these kick ass. They are much stronger than the original Blade frame, they fit tighter, and they accommodate a more modern lens. That means that they can be worn without too much thought to them being destroyed, as the lens can be swapped out or replaced before ever being worn. These have made their way into my everyday wearer lineup, and even with a modern M-Frame Sweep lens, they still ooze the cool retro vibe with all the bonuses of many more exciting lens options.
BiGCoB -
Frame: Pink
Lens: Grey

Thank you Oakley for releasing this 20 years after the first generation of Razor Blade. Obviously, I can't say that I had the chance to get the first generation at the time they were made, but I've been falling in love with all the Oakley old school stuff for a few years now.
So just after I was able to get an original Razor Blade Pink/Grey, the New Razor Blade came out with the same color.

Don't need to say that I had to get them !

The fit has been greatly revised and contrary to the first ones who used to be really small, the new generation is really comfortable with curved stems which perfectly take on the shape of the head. This ergonomic shape allows the New Razor blade to be worn for sport despite their lack of earstems Unobtainium pieces. But honestly, I only wear them for style, never for sport.

I would only have a regret, but a very big one :
The stems are not interchangeable ! How can they do that to us ? That was one of the things that made the first generation so cool.

Anyway, I love them, and my advise would be to grab them if you find some in a store, a vault or a retailer that still have them in stock.
Frame: Polished Neon Yellow
Lens: Fire

Back in the day Razor Blades were arguably the most innovative shades ever witnessed on the eyewear market. Featuring both standard and "trigger" earstems, interchangable nosepieces and lenses, and a variety of colors to choose from, nothing could compare to Oakley's inginuity at the time. For their re-release Oakley also added High Definition Optics to ensure maximum visual acuity.

Even though these glasses were incredibly unique and successful, however, I don't think they'd be something I'd wear today (personal preference). They somehow look old... outdated... archaic. Then again, no one can deny that the Razor Blades are an indispensible part of Oakley's heritage. Even for me, the Razor Blades were the pair that planted the eternal seed of commitment to the O.

Frame: PINK/Black
Lens: Grey

I was surprised yet excited when Oakley decided to do a re-release and update with some of their original frames. The construction of the new frames will not require the use of the "FRAME TOOL" (aka guitar pick) to change the stems and provide a more durable product. These frames are extremely light weight and the clarity and coverage of the HDO lens is incredible. I can't wait to wear them this summer.
Pander -
Frame: Matte Clear
Lens: Blue Iridium

My second old-school re-release pair. It's like owning a piece of Oakley history, but with new and improved technology.

The Matte Clear frame has a real retro look to it, what makes it very appealing to me, combined with the bold Blue Iridium makes it a truely unique piece in my collection. Also the old-school stretch logo in blue on the earstem proves the quality in detail of these glasses. Great pair for those retro days!
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