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We poured adrenaline into optical armor for high-G assaults on common sense. Oakley’s patented XYZ Optics® give Racing Jackets® a range of peripheral clarity unrivaled in the industry. Ram-air surge ports provide defogging ventilation, and Unobtainium® nosebombs and earsocks keep the hingeless, lightweight frames securely attached. Prescription ready.

O-TasMiC -
Frame: Black
Lens: Gold Iridium
Love my Racing Jackets. I am a runner, but I do a little biking as well, and the Racing Jackets are my glasses of choice as far as athletic activities go. The Gold Iridium lenses are, in my opinion, one of the best oakley makes. The Ram-air surge ports do actuly keep the lenses from fogging up to certain extent, although when it comes to the lenses getting smuged with sweat, your on your own. The frame wraps firmly around my face better than any of my other oakleys, and the unibatainium nosebombs add to the traction. One con that could also be considered a pro is the hingless earstems. Overall these are great glasses
Dann -
Frame: Blue
Lens: +Red
The Racing Jackets have an interesting design. They do not hinge, and therefore cannot be folded up and placed anywhere neatly. They are meant for bike racing exclusively, so this feature isn't a problem unless you wear them elsewhere. I find it's hard to bring them places because of the lack of convenience, but as glasses they are pretty nice. The +Red makes everything a bluish tint, and is good for bright light and some darker areas, but not indoors or past evening. The frame sparkles slightly if you look close enough, and has vents to keep the lens from fogging up. However, I found these to actually fog up the most unless you're moving constantly.
Frame: New Blue
Lens: +Red Iridium

Although I'll probably never own a pair of Racing Jackets, I must give credit where it's due. Similar to the Pro M Frames, the Racing Jackets incorporate a secure, one-piece frame with Oakley's three-point fit, resulting in a rigid yet stable pair of eyewear. The frame contours are sleek, smooth, aerodynamic, and aesthetically appealing to the eye - especially with the built-in "air flow ports". New Blue with +Red Iridium further showcases one of the most heralded color combos ever in this pair.

If only Oakley had made these in an "S" (small) version, I would have bought a truckload.
oakdays -
Frame: Black
Lens: Gold Ir
I don’t do bike riding my self but I use this pair of glasses to run play catch or in the out field when playing baseball, thy have an amazing grip on my face they, they don’t go any were and the color of lens is perfect I love the contrast w/ the gold ir every one makes fun of me when im wearing them, and my friends call them the “ventilators” but I still rock them proudly

Mooreoakley -
Frame: FMJ
Lens: + red iridium
Love the glasses, fit well, as i have a large melon, look great, they are super comfortable to wear, always get lots of comments, and the rare compliment!!!
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