BriP -
Dann! the "weathered copper" frame of the Penny was genius! I would absolutely love to see one of those come to real life.
Iwan -
Great looking designs. So much more interesting than the black/black iridium signature series Oakley has been releasing lately. Now why didn't they come up with bloodstained models? Weathered copper Penny is my favorite though.
I like the Pez idea. Oakley should contact the manufacturer and get something started! I don't collect Pez, but I'd have to get the Oakley ones for sure.
TheVault -
Awesome thread, the first memory that I have from this site is the Plate design by Luke, it did such an impression on me, such a beauty of design.

The flames MD from Phil comes close too.

People from HQ at Foothill Ranch have talked to me about this thread, that they saw it and really enjoyed it.

Too bad, all of those designs will never seee the light of day.
jumpman73 -
This was really entertaining. I think I'm going to Photoshop my own signature series.
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