DoctorCrip -
Oakley has always done a tremendous job with their ads. These along with the brochures played a major role in getting me into Oakley in the first place. I wish I had held onto them or at least knew where they were in my room if I was smart enough to.
Oakley advertisements featured detailed photos, vivid colors, and captivating phrases which helped propel the company's products to the forefront of their competition. It's also interesting to note that Oakley has always used their very own in-house advertising agency instead of relying on outsourcing this critical marketing division as most other companies do.

jumpman73 -
Awesome ads. Artistically done in showing the detail of Oakley products.
american image -
the first ads were more product0info related, whereas nowadays it is more image related both are working for me.
Advertisement/marketing is one of the superiour points of Oakleyinc.
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