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jumpman73 -
Beautiful camo color from Oakley. The red camo is starting to be my favorite camo color. The color is very bold and stands out nicely. I hope Oakley makes more frames in this color option.
TheVault -
Awesome combo, the Lil John color is a must to have.

Very original but less vibrant then the blue camo, its reds are nice and well chosen.

On the Zero, because of the small arms,the color pattern wont stand out to much so it might appeal to people who dont want a frame that will get you noticed right away.

My second favorite camo after the white camo.
BrianJ1888 -
Lil John says: YEAH!
This color is a must for pimpin'.
LEX7 -
Dunno which one i like better this or blue camo.
i got this on the zeros and it truly is very badass.
i love the camo colours and this is a nice modern version.
this colour was the only reason i got the new zeros.
i also love the fact that this version is shiny rather than matte like most of the others.
oogie -
Probably the only camo I can get behind. I have these on my Zero, and think they look great! I just don't get thrilled about the other camo colors ... but I think the red is a great standout.
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