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Rick -
I think the whole flame fascination was a backwards step for Oakley. Rather than following this obvious passing trend, they should have concentrated on creating more intesting colors. Although, I have to admit to buying a few shirts with flames on them. Still rock them too.
sparra -
As the flame styles go, this is one of the better options, as they show up nicely against the gunmetal. Wouldn't be a frame I'd choose personally, but if you want something a little different then it might well be the way to go.
LEX7 -
Dunno which i like better, this or the black with green flames. this one just reminds me of harley davidson so many of their flame logo stuff uses this colourway.
much nicer than the black base in the other frame. it is similar to FMJ 45mm but with orange flames over it.
very badass.
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