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Rick -
Oakley would be smart to bring back some of their retro colors such as Algae. I think collectors would be especially interested in an updated release of this one. The dark green would look great paired with a Gold Iridium on a Monster Dog don't you think? As it is, I don't think we'll see this frame color again so enjoy it if you have it.
bebeau -
This is a great color. Probably one of the best for the green frame colors right next to the joker green. With the green being a darker shade and being somewhat translucent, it gives the frame color some character.
Algae is one of those frame colors that really grabs your attention and makes you inspect the glasses further. Far more interesting than a simple opaque version, this color is translucent and compliments gold iridium perfectly.
jumpman73 -
Awesome colorway. This is a very deep green color and its pretty unique. The M Frame in these are awesome!
american image -
for me this just doesn't do it.. maybe because they were on the Fives, but i cannot help but think "old-people" when i see this colour
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