Jet - Metal
Jet - Snow Camo

DoctorCrip -
By far the coolest airplanes I have ever seen. I love the fact that the Sub Zero N2T is named after these. Boy, what I would do for a ride on one...
Tim Yue -
hi im new to this site thoought i'd update you all on Oakley's new plane

They first started with the N2T Bombardier Global Express in the Dark Brown bolted paint scheme

Then they bought a new Bombardier Global Express however since the delivery was in a few years time they utilized Bombardier's display model registration N701WH and Oakley painted it into a white camo scheme as shown above

However, since early 2006, Bombardier delivered the Global Express to Oakley and they now have a new jet with the original registraion N2T (Jim Jannard is the CEO of a company under the name of N2T) The paint scheme is also White Camo but the Camo is supposed to replicate the world map.

The interior is just a typical business jet setting seating 14 passengers. This plane operates out of Signature Flight Support at SNA.

Rick -
The Oakley jets are used for transporting Oakley brass to and from important company functions. I have yet to ride on one but I imagine it to be a rewarding experience. However, I don't think these planes would be effective in a battle situation since they are not equipped with weaponry of any kind. This would create a problem with regard to engaging the enemy. I think it is best this plane continue serve the function it currently is - moving the rich guys around with class and style and upping Oakley's image in the eyes of the movers and shakers of society.
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