DoctorCrip -
Very cool. I wish they were available to the public. If they were, I'd certainly get it...and a Thump so that when I didn't feel like wearing the glasses but I wanted to listed to my music, I could just pop the Thump on this bad boy and enjoy. Seriously, how cool would this thing look in your house? I guarantee you that no one (other than a fellow O collector) would be able to figure out what this thing is - great conversation piece.
Although it resembles Tinman it represents something 1,000 times cooler. I wouldn't place this in the same category as the original Bobs (Shadow or Rx), though, as it lacks the overall visual appeal of the first two.
Dann -
For the release of the Thump, the chrome Bob head was modified a bit to fit small microphones. When the thump is placed on the Bob, the sound is transferred to speakers that people can hear. It was mainly for the promo night. Too bad all they played was Lil Jon.
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