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A very unique and almost exclusive hue, the Ruby Clear tint is amazing in its own right. The lens itself is beautiful with an almost transparent look bathed in a shimmering red color. Ideal for low-light conditions, this is not a lens you'd wear on a bright day - although it would still provide protection from harmful UV rays. The exclusive nature of this lens - that is, the very few pairs that have used this color combination - makes it that much more collectible.
Ian -
I bought a 1st Gen Crosshair with Ruby Clear specifically for use as an indoor lens for when I'm sitting at a computer and staring at spreadsheets for hours on end. I've read everywhere that H.I. Yellow is the tint preferred for computers, but I find the yellow a bit dark. Ruby Clear seems to do the job well, and it's unique.
Big T -
These lenses capture the true essence of Oakley. They're outlandish, extravagant, attention-grabbing and, most importantly, highly functional if used appropriately. These sunglasses were not designed for glare; whether it's sunlight or passing car lights at dusk. These lenses were specifically designed for the very flat light conditions found in heavy cloud cover. If the Ruby Clears are used in the appropriate conditions, they function as well as the very best Oakley optics available.
DJ -
An incredible 92% transmission and, yet, one of the most intriguing, changeable and striking lens coatings Oakley has ever made. Bring it back out and please, this time, sell it to the general public. Please!
Pander -
I have this in my Thump2. This finally makes the Thump2 useful in bad weather or inside. All the lenses that are sold with the Thumps are for good weather. With the help of these Ruby Clears you can wear them at any given time.
The Ruby Clear is very useful in the Thump2, a good transmission rate to wear inside and a nice lens tint on its own. The Thump on it's hand helps the Ruby Clear lens: the ghosting is a lot less because of the big frame. This way you can have the best of both worlds!
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