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BriP -
The increase contrast is perfect for driving, and can be used not only in bright lighting but also works well in low-mid lighting. Just got my vintage zero 0.4 2nd gen with these and it was a pleasure
Orinoco -
I just bought the Flak Jacket with the Gold Iridium Polarized lenses and I can say they're pretty good lenses. As said before, it takes a bit to get use to the colour, but when you do their pretty good.
I'm still to try them when cycling, but so far the polarized makes reflection a very small detail.... Very happy
Farlius -
I have Gold Iridium put in my Burnquist Gascans. Looks great with the light wood color of the Bamboo Square Icon off the polished black frame.
Gold iridium is a really nice lens,but in my personal opinion,with a strange disadvantage:They can't just be easily combined with any frame.What do I mean by this?While the lenses themselves,have both a nice outside appearance,with a bright,reflective outer surface,and are exceptionally nice to look through,with all this contrast and really mellow,warm bronze based(but very close to red) tint of theirs,I just can't imagine them fitted to specific frames.They just don't match.Usually they work very well with frames that have similar colours,platinum,gold,etc,since their outer surface is intense and striking,but if you try to combine them with e.g. plasma,the whole thing gets so ruined,and neither the lens,nor the frames look good.However,it's just a side effect of theirs(that causes them minus one skull at the rating),and it actually doesn't have to do with what the lenses themselves offer,which are quite generous.Contrast,good looks,iridium and a very nice's the first time I find myself a little confused about a specific lens,but overall,I think they are worth buying and using them.
plutonium54 -
What an aggresive lens colour,what a great lens colour!!!It took me some time to get used to that one,but certainly it was worth the time.You see,when you come from emerald iridium,black iridium and dark grey tints,the aggresiveness and the intense contrast that these lenses offer,is a big change.Everything actually seemed much more vivid than before.They also have a very nice mirror finish,and since they boast high contrast properties,they are appropriate for very bright light as well as for the biggest part of the day.Dawn till dusk.A very nice pair of lenses,and really high versatile.
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