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Considering the fact that clear lens options also include both Titanium Clear and Ruby Clear, I can't really imagine why anyone would choose these lenses. From a collector's standpoint they score kudos based on their exclusivity; from a technical standpoint, however, they lack the appeal of their "clear counterparts". The biggest drawback of these lenses is probably the fact that it is very easy for others to see your eyes while you're wearing them, and the color is simply bland.
Fastguy45 -
Let me tell you guys why this lens is so good. Often in clubs they have a disco ball or stage lights waving around, and when they hit you they are dazzling. These glasses allow you to see in the low light but take the edge off the party lights. I call them my clubbing glasses. Yes, they are a novelty, but that is part of the fun. I've been wearing them (zeros) to church ever since they put in the disco lights during praise and worship. They also serve me well on rainy days when I want more style over clear lenses in my flak and half jackets.
Ian -
When these went on sale for the Monster Pup for only $20, I couldn't pass them up. eBay + cheap lenses = really cool, low cost custom sunglasses. They're clear. I feel as though people are not fairly reviewing them by themselves, only reviewing them compared to other lens options. They look awesome. They are for low-light or indoor applications. I can't think of a practical application for them. They are a for-fun only lens.
ShadyOak -
I have these in a Warden, and they are awesome! They are more effective than either of my Ti Clears in hiding my eyes, and for me, gold on a Warden is always a winner. Of course being clear they are not much good in the sun, but that isn't the point with this lens. In the Warden, ghosting hasn't been a problem for me.
LEX7 -
Another one of these silyl lenses that you cant really use. alot nicer than TI clear but not alot more useful, because of the slight gold tin you do get a nice contrast but sadly these arent dark enough to wear in anything but clouds.
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