Family: Sport
Date: May 1999

To maintain visual clarity in a world of performance-sinking distortion, we seared optics in an acid bath of innovation. XYZ Optics™ lens geometry comes in five interchangeable lens shapes. The hinged frame offers the comfort of a perfect three-point fit. In the domain of athletics, generic accessory has now become vital equipment.

Jon -
Frame: Root beer
Lens: Persimmon

These are excellent. I got these rather cheap at the Oakley Vault near me and used them today in the wood shop. I teach 2 Woods courses and a metals course, so these work out perfectly for my needs. The persimmon, while great indoors, is really not so good outdoors. Again, these are great! Fit's my Asian Face really well. Recommended!
Oak -
Frame: Black
Lens: Ruby Clear

One of the most popular frames Oakley has to offer and probably one of their most useful as well. Since it holds a Polaric Ellipsoid lens, vision is crisp and clear no matter where you look. It's extremely lightweight yet at the same time surprisingly durable. While not exactly eyewear that can be worn to any function, it's mandatory equipment for any athlete or professional that requires excellent eye protection.

I'm giving a 3 rating for the Ruby Clear M Frame because I can't wear Strike lenses, preferring Sweeps instead. As well, the Ruby Clear lenses, while providing a great deal of orange/red reflection (which is what you want in Ruby Clear), provides even more prominent ghosting than usual. This makes it decisively distracting and detracts from the M Frame's purported usefulness. However, it is a good piece to have and wear every so often under cloudy conditions.

Review dated Oct 31, 2006
mason65 -
Frame: White Camo
Lens: + Red Iridium
These are the only pair of sunglasses i have ever been able to wear comfortably for long periods of time. I often forget I am wearing these they are so comfortable and lightweight. The earstems really grip your head without squeezing too tight. Coverage is great, yet not quite as good as my heaters. My only gripe is the cost of polarized lenses and the limited selection in colors for polarized lenses. Overall, I dont see any sunglasses ever replacing these for me.
jumpman73 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Ruby Clear

Really nice eye coverage with this lens shape. Ruby Clear is always a nice one to have.
Wassaaaaaaaaaap -
Frame: M Frame Black (Strike)
Lens: Laser Toric

I can't rate this due to the fact that I got it to add to my collection. I'm not exactly sure what this is for but I think it reflects laser light. I don't look good in it so I rarely wear it but it looks pretty cool. Not very common because of it's impracticality but makes for a nice show piece.
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