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Tony -
Luv it so much, i customised these iconic symbols and decal to my car front visors. Have to give it to the designer...! Cool job.
O -
I forgot I had this, it was probably the most I have ever paid for a sticker but I is really cool. The sticker itself kinda reminds me of the romeos which I believe are the baseline to X metals because of the "X" nose-bridge.
Just a SICK logo which typifies Oakley's ingenuity: the Oakley "ellipse" and the "X" representing X-Metal are fused together in one iconic shape.
o-xide -
O store in Irvine has quite a few and so I bought 2 for $4 each. If you love X Metal, You should have this
LEX7 -

Again very cool but it is easily ripable when taking it off the backing, and the individual letters are tricky to handle. Looks alot better than the Romeo sticker and I wish it was available in more colours.
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