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The only skull that looks SICKER than the Oakley Scatter Skull is the Oakley Mesh Skull. Appearing almost as a cross between human and supernatural, this skull has the word WARNING written all over it.
O-minous -
Just got the 4" version. High qaulity and smacks of Oakley cool. Got a real "Ominous" look to it. He he.. sorry.
Tick -
This sticker looks so badass! especially the large one. It must have been computer designed because there's just way too much 3-D depth to have been done by hand.
LEX7 -

This is my favourite oakley sticker. I have 7 of the small size and 5 of the large size.
Whatever you put this sticker on it will make it look damn good.
perfect for a motor bike or a car.
My brother has cut the small one in half and put one on each of his Sethpistols.
kingphilbert -

How can one rate a sticker if not by design. This was a nice one. I paid $6 for the large (8") one and used it on a black sketchbook and it looks great. Traditional sticker though, no film to peel away like other Oakley stickers when you stick them so it made for worries that it may wrinkle when sticking it and not really for outdoors.
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