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fivesguy -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Jade Polar

Coldfuse is cold. Like "damn, those are cold!"

As a part of the Iris collection, theres more going on than it may seem upon first glance. The main components of the frame are held together in the Os on the temples. There are several pieces held together in that circle that with no other fasteners. The crossbar gives the frame rigidity and a modern look that fits with todays style.

Made of lightweight metal and O Matter, they're tough and flexible so wearing them all day isn't a problem.
The lenses aren' huge, fitting well on men and women.

Of the Iris collection, I think Coldfuse has the best look. I would really love to add the Prizm Peach version to my collection one of these days. We'll see.
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