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Street Medic -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Warm Grey
A nice and solid pair of inexpensive Oakleys. As others have commented, these are not small frames or lenses and the new styling retains some of the Oakley edginess of old. They are comfortable, lightweight and fit my face just great. The wrap is excellent and light leakage around the frame at the temples is virtually non-existent. The warm grey lenses are relatively basic for Oakley but, that said, they seem to do the job just fine so no complaints. The slightly utilitarian look of the matte black plastic finish works for me and what I wanted - which was a pair of "everyday" working Oakleys. The only downside is that the wrap is so effective that it can "seal" the frames against ny face so that moisture from my my eyes can mist up the inside of he lenses. (I could do with vented lenses...!)

I bought mine tax-free in an air-side outlet before boarding a flight because I realised I'd forgotten to pack my shades so bagged a pretty good price. I previously had Juliet in Carbon / Black Iridium (just awesome) but those got stolen a while back and I always intended to replace them but had never quite gotten around to it. The new Tens, to be fair, are not Juliets - but then they were never going to be and that wasn't what I was looking for.
Overall, very happy with these and they get a five, not for being the absolute best ever but for fully achieving what they are intended to be.
Wulfenstein -
Frame: Brown tortoise
Lens: gold iridium

Awesome frames, awesome lense.

It would be a 5 if they kept the gold colour scheme with the oakley "O" gold as well
Frame: Dark grey
Lens: Black iridium polarized

Just got them,and they're really something.It's one of those pairs that make me forget the aversion I have for the recent fashion orientated oakleys,(g*ddamn you dispatch 2),and say that the original oakley is still alive and strong.What if the lenses are squared?Oakley used to release square lenses since the mid 90's with the square wires.There is such an amazing detail on this pair,both on the orbitals and the earstems,that make this such an artwork.Still I would like much less detail on the earstems,since the sculpture is not as succesful as on the unknown for example.Since I couldn't wear the unknown though,(too small for me),those were a great chance to own the dark grey finish.Not an fmj coating though,just a plain paint coating,it's coarse and shiny,very impressive.The fit is typical frogskin-ish,and unlike the older tens,this is one pair for medium to large heads.Although I enjoy them,I have to point out that oakley has messed things up a little,by releasing the X,which is supposed to be made for small to medium heads,and the new XX which is supposed to be for larger heads,vice versa.I don't know what made them to act so,but i still don't mind since I enjoy the outcome.It's so great that it made me forget the second thoughts I had about purchasing a signature pair,and I'm already considering buying even the ducati collection although I'm not a ducati fan.Once more,kudos to oakley again man!!!
SublimeMarauder -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Warm Grey
My first pair of Oakleys and for the money a really decent pair of shades.
Lens vision is spot on, clear yet cutting sunlight - brilliant.
David -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized
For my birthday, I wanted a pair of polarized Oakleys. I play a lot of Sand Volleyball, and wasn't sure if I wanted a pair of oakleys to play in or just have a back up pair. Maybe it's because I'm Asian but these fit a bit loose, so I won't be playing seriously in these. They do fit tighter when I wrap the arms around a baseball cap. Overall, they are a great pair for chill outdoor activities and style, but for playing I will grab a pair of half jackets.
Farlius -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Ice Iridium

Just scooped up this pair Custom. Also got Team Blue Icons to accent the lenses, which looks great. The lenses are big and the frames provide solid coverage, very limited light leakage from the sides or below. Not that expensive either. I agree that these are like a Scalpel-Monster Dog hybrid.
King41Day -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Warm Gray

After a long period of research, I finally bought the Ten because, well, basically these are the only Oakley's that fit my head. I have high bridge and a large cranium and these fit perfectly.

I only wish that they were in the custom program so that I could get the matte black with the polarized lenses, but I'll get them when they come out.

Great fit and great look for us big heads.
XyesterdayX -
Frame: all
Lens: all

Try to picture a frame that cross-breeds the Scalpel and Unknown, keeps the aggressive nature of the Monster Dog, and utilizes the lens size of a Hijinx!
While it looks large, the arms wrap almost identical to a Monster Dog, so think of that in terms of fit.
Good addition to the line!
Wookieman -
Frame:Polished Black
Lens: OO Red Iridium Polarized

A great update to an Oakley classic with a nice touch of modern flare. If you like your sunglasses massive and don't want o drop a lot of coin this is the way to go. These bad boys feel bigger than the Monster Dog and Scalpel in both size and width. They are still lightweight and very comfy. Also available in some great color combos.
Js3378 -
Frame: Matte black
Lens: Warm gray
These are a good inexpensive Oakley model. They resemble the Scalpel, but the lens is slightly longer. Black metal icons are nice against the matte frame. I have a medium head and these are large, but the wrap is really good and give great coverage. These are good everyday shades and I am digging them.
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