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PaulT00 -
Frame/Lens: Titanium Burnt Copper/VR28 Black Iridium Polarized; Pewter/Emerald Iridium Polarized

These remove the only problem I have with the Whisker, which is the relatively shallow orbital. The lenses are that bit bigger on the Square Whisker, providing better and more even coverage. They've got the other good things about the Whisker - light weight, strength, comfort, relatively restrained styling - and with a suitable lens make a great general purpose sunglass. For some reason they seem to be the unloved cousin of the Whisker, at least judging by the number of reviews. They suit larger heads better, but are pretty unisex in their appeal - I let my boss (female, but quite a tall, slender lady) borrow a pair for a while one day as she was having a migraine type headache, and they rather suited her in a 'biker chick' kind of way... she liked them too and didn't want to give them back!

My first pair were the Emerald Pol ones, and then less than a month later I got the VR28BIP pair in the titanium frames. As usual the Ti frames are much springier and a lot lighter than the standard ones. Perhaps fitting the slightly understated nature of the design, there are fewer 'flashy' lenses available for the Square Whiskers - the only two I miss are Ruby and OO Black Iridium Polarized. Sadly the range of replacement lenses is dwindling too as Oakley ramp these down. I can wear either pair all day and forget I'm wearing them, they're that good.
flyer -
Polished Black, Black polarized.
BEWARE: This is one of Oakley's less than stellar designs in which the earstem ends WILL impact the lens when folded. (See also Blender).
Rafael -
Frame: Pewter
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

I have 2: Ducati edition and Polished Black/Black Iridium Polarized. Fit nice, no cheek contact, full eye protection. What else can you expect from Oakley? Nothing but the best!
Esteban -
Frame: Ti Burnt Copper
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium Polarized

I've had the same lens (VR28) on a previous square wires (12-878), and it was a GREAT lens, but I got it scratched, so I purchased this whisker (12-963) which is almost the same frame (little bigger) and lighter in weight, with the same lens which is absolutely great for driving. The only con I would mention is the small size of the nose pads, which causes me some pain in the nose... I've easily fixed that with a visit to the optics store.. They replaced them with bigger pads for u$ 3.00. GREAT GLASSES !
Army77 -
Frame: Pewter
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

The Ducati Square Whiskers are very comfortable. I can run around in them but also look stylish with a tie. Love the sleek wire frame. The frame fits great with any style face, big or small. The lenses do not wrap around face, so there are caps. The Oakley o is red and stands out as well as the red rubber. very fashionable. Though the Ducati water print is not so visible to other people. If you want to spend the money on the Ducati name, don't. Get the normal pair.
Oak fiend -
Frame: polished chrome
Lens: warm grey

Wear these most of the day. Had for about 6 months now and planning on getting black iridium, pewter pair for multiple choice I'm that impressed. So light on the temple you can literally wear all day without discomfort. Suits all styles of dress sense just an awesome pair of shades
Xtremehardy388 -
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Gold Iridium

A buddy in the Marines brought these back from the trading post, for me. Pretty good glasses, for fashion. They're very thin which makes me wary about wearing them to anything where they could get easily bent. Glasses are built for a bigger head (mine's pretty small) however, they're great for more casual occasions. The lenses are awesome and the Oakley "O" on the side really stands out, which I like.
DBCooper_into_O -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: Warm Grey

Very classy look, I was looking for something that really stuck out. I had previously purchased the Nano-wire 4.0 in flat black and although I love the Black Iridium Lens in those, but really fell in love with the warm grey. I think they are designed for medium to larger faces which fit me like a glove!! Not bad at all for the price if you are looking for something dressy from the brand we all love!!
MB -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: Warm Grey

I had these shades for a week or two then returned them. They were sweet in the store, and they were a very comfortable pair of sunglasses. My gripe was that they are not as flashy as I'd like them to be. These shades would be awesome for anyone who wears a suit regularly as they look very classy. For anyone who wants the crazy looks that Oakley is famous for, stick with O-Matter or X-Metal frames, they are a lot more noticeable.
Frame: Brown
Lens: Polarized Tungsten

Similar in frame design to the original Whisker, Square Whisker incorporates the familiar "nano-like" earstems, but also enhances coverage for the orbitals. While the lens coverage has been expended for this model, the lenses curve slightly upward, giving this sunglass a more agressive styling but also leaving a slight gap under the eye. Due to the larger orbitals, these glasses would probably be better suited for large faces.

O-fiend -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: Warm Grey

A simple classic look that is very comfortable and wearable. These will take you from an afternoon run with their secure fit and light weight to a three piece suit. They seem to fit a little wider than the original whisker and the square wire 3.0. The size is comparable to the Nano Wire 4.0 and is good for medium to large craniums. In a nutshell great comfort and style.
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