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Fastguy45 -
Frame: Dark
Lens: Ice

The next generation half wire is an excellent successor, and the design addresses pretty much every shortcoming of the first version. Coverage is superb - no need for an XL version to fix a too small lens. And instead of relying on tension to stay in the frame, which led many to report loose lenses in the 1.0 model, the lens is held in with a small, unobtrusive screw. Excepting the obviously larger lens, which seems to be the trend in new models lately, styling changes are subtle and include a small hammerfang on the earstem and turned out tips on the end of the stems that really help the glasses slide comfortably onto the head. The spring hinges seem to have more tension, too. Not having sampled a large number of models, I can't say definitively, but the glasses are very secure on my medium size cranium unlike the original half wire.
Speedy007 -
Only writing this because I see so many people talking shit on oakley saying that there products suck as well as customer service.first off people do some research about things before you leave anything negative.oakley sold to a company called luxottica I believe in the mid having said that luxottica not only makes oakleys now but they also produce pretty much every name brand glasses on the market from Oakley to Ray Ban to Cartier so no matter what brand you buy these days your going to deal with the same customer service for all brands whether you like it or not.luxottica pretty much has created a monopoly in the sunglass as well as prescription glasses department being that not only do they make about 99% of the worlds name brands they also own sunglasses hut,pearl vison,lens crafters as well as pretty much every other well known eyeglass stores.ive owned everything from Gargoyles to Cartier to Gucci and even today oakley sunglasses even though they're made by a different company still offer the best bang for you buck.aould you rather pay 170 for a pair that should last basically forever if dont abuse them(I've owned oakleys for 25yrs now and never had a pair break from normal use)or would you rather pay $400 or $500 for a pair of gucci's that are made by the same company?believe me when I say any problem you have with oakley and they're customer service you'll have with any other major brand out there being that luxottica makes them all?besides that regardless of who's making them now oakley still has by far the best optical clarity as well as best lenses on the market imo.i can wear Oakleys 24/7 and never worry about getting a headache whereas any other brand I've even tried gives me a headache within 1 to 2 hrs after putting them on.stop hating and do some research before you start talking shit.
Todd Matia -
Frame: Halfwire 2.0
Lens: Prescription Polarized Iridium

Oakley used to make great products and have excellent customer service. I'm sad to say that has changed drastically! I bought a pair of Oakley Half Wire 2.0's 2 years ago, and due to no fault of mine, a spring in the hinge broke after only 1.5 years. I was told that they couldn't be fixed. Oakley used to have a lifetime warranty, but now they only have a 1 year warranty. Yikes!! When I called the company, they couldn't do much but offer me a 25% discount. Bummer... even though I like them, I will never buy a pair of Oakley's again.
Herb -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium

After my last fiasco with Oakley sunglasses I told myself that I would never buy another pair of Oakleys. But here I am again and yet again Oakley has failed to live up to their storied name. I have owned these sunglasses for a little over a year and the lenses are starting to bubble right in the middle of my field of view. The coating is also flaking off from around the edges of the lenses. I can't believe that Oakley has let their quality fall so low. When I was little my parents both had Oakley sunglasses that had lifetime warranties on the lenses. They only had to replace those lenses once. Now you barely get past the year warranty on the lenses and they start to disinigrate. Hopefully people will start to notice the poor quality and stop buying these sunglasses and Oakley will finally notice and make some changes.
anonymous -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black iridium

3rd pair and the spring hinge broke. Oakley won't repair, they just want to replace at my cost.

I will never buy another Oakley. I have had probably 20 pairs over the years and have told a zillion friends how great they are. Now I have to go back and tell my zillion friends not to avoid oakley. Fortunately I have a website where with 10 million users so getting the message out will be quick, easy, and certainily affective!
Jack -
Frame: Half wire 2.0
Lens: black iridium

After four months, the left lens became loose and could not be tightened. A call to Oakley resulted in them offering to inspect the glasses for possible repair if I agreed to pay $50.00!

Having already paid $170.00, I refused to pay an additional $50 for glasses that are four months old!

Never again will I own an Oakley product!
Shotgun -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: Bronze polarized
I found the Half Wire 2.0 to fit well, but are a bit on the heavy side. Being a huge fan of polarized lenses I found that the bronze polarized lens was just not dark enough. Had I been able to purchase gold iridium polarized lenses for this model I'd have kept them. As Oakley has decided to not offer that color, they went back after the first really sunny day. Looks like I'll be making my next purchase based on whether or not I can get gold iridium polarized lenses for them.
Frame: Black Chrome
Lens: Tungsten

After finally acquiring these shades it's difficult not to tell others about how great they truly are. The Half Wire 2.0 succeeds where most other wire frames have failed so far, combining enhanced coverage with sporty yet semi-formal styling. The Black Chrome/Tungsten is perhaps my favorite of the color lineup (or the Dark/Ice), but unfortunately it appears that Oakley has no plans on producing any of the exciting lens options from this glasses' predecessor (the original Half Wire), such as +Red or Fire. One could only wish.

Lefty -
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium

Excellent coverage. A sophisticated yet sporty look, these glasses fit in at an open garden buffet and a football field equally. Best thing about these is the perfect fit with the earsocks. Great buy!
Frame: Light
Lens: Black Iridium

Having just tried these on at a local Sunglass Hut, I must say that they were more than impressive. The newly-designed frame, including refined earstems, provide the Half Wire 2.0 with a familiar, yet distinctive architecture. The "flares" on the earstems are especially appealing, and the frames still incorporate unobtainium earsocks for a secure, comfortable fit. Perhaps the most noticable enhancement, however, derives from the increased coverage of the lenses. If you found Oakley's initial offering into the semi-rimless wire market (Half Wire) to provide insufficient coverage, then this just may be your ticket to satistfaction: the lenses now protect otherwise vulnerable areas around the periphery and underside of the eyes. In sum, a great-looking, lightweight, and refined pair of wires for today's market.

Aikinos -
Come on guys Oakley never had life time warranty, this was a marketing trick from optic-shop chains!Besides that, what product has a lifetime warranty your car your house what?
Secondly this hinge has a lot of problems and Oakley for that reason had stopped and construct the monoshock and twinsock instead and the hollowpoint for 2013 and 2014!
A lot of companies have problems with their products but the difference is how it can overcome them and produced better stuff in the future.
Personally this product cause me a lot of troubles but i truly believe that Oakley takes the feedback and revolved itself.
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