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Dan -
Frame:Pewter with Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium

love the sunglasses but I couldn't give these a 5 solely due to the fact there's ZERO customer support for these.... good luck finding lenses, nose pads or ear socks.... BT works fine especially if you're mountain biking or some other sport that would jar a regular earpiece out
Ian -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

Very cool glasses. Gold Iridium is great for driving in almost all conditions except for night. I bought these glasses for the sole purpose of having a BT headset that doesn't get in the way with sunglasses or hang off my ear. The RAZRWire was the ideal solution. I have found myself using these far more often as a dressy style for wearing to church or interviews. They also have a cool, model-specific Soft Vault that holds the BT module in place. The icing on the cake was that I was able to pick them up MNIB for $50.

I also got my Saddleback watch there for $50, and my girlfriend's Riddles there for $40. Regarding BT call quality, there is a noticeable difference if the BT signal has to go through your body. BT doesn't function very well through water, and your body is very watery. Just a heads up.
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

I picked these frames up a few weeks ago as a birthday gift but they didn't fit right so I got to keep them. So for the last week i've been wearing them and have found that there are a few points of concern.

Pros: The Frame is very durable and like all other Oakley Frames very eye catching. The Arms have a very subtle shape that just add to the elegance of this line. The Frames itself are very light weight and very comfortable to wear for extended hours. The Gold Iridium Lens is brilliant in every condition thus far.

Cons: Though the Motorola Bluetooth is the clearest i've ever used it's a little difficult to get the proper fit and can be a little irritating at times to adjust. The size of the bluetooth is a little larger than expected and you can certainly see the GOLDEN O from a ways away.

Overall: This is an Oakley Product and its top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair given the opportunity.

Perkasa -
Frame: Pewter with Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium

I have owned this pair for months but never really been using it, as the lens is a bit too dark for most situations.

It is very comfortable, nicely shaped arms coupled with spring hinges really make it ultra comfortable. I can wear them on top of my head without causing pain.

The frame and lens shapes are very subtle so the design does not shout. The frosted "Oakley" etching on the lens is not really visible from the wearer's point of view. I personally think this frame is shaped like this as this shape fits more faces than the "sporty" shapes.

The Bluetooth is simply the most comfortable bluetooth headset I have ever owned (and I have more than 10 sets of bluetooth headsets). This is the only Bluetooth headset that I can wear for prolonged use without causing pain on my ear, as it can even be used without any part touching the ear. It is loud enough for the speakers to reside outside the ears.

The only problem I have is my typical Asian face actually does not let this pair sit high enough, letting light leaks through the top part of the frame.
Zacdog -
Frame: mercury with silver
Lens: light gray
Cool shades. Call quality is crystal clear on both ends. You can wear them all day and not get uncomfortable. The spring hinges just make it all the more comfortable.
O-bandit -
Frame: Pewter with Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium

it´s a very nice pair glasses.
but if you compare it with the ROKR it´s the second earphone missing...
the design is very simple and clear and the combination with a bluetooth headset is an great idea!
if i got a call it´s not that clear to understand like the ROKR... probably it´s better to use if you are inside and not in the nature.
cool thing is that you could wear just the glasses like a normal wire.
gottavalk -
Frame: mercrury
Lens: black iridium
Absoulouteley WONDERFUL glasses.Reception is top notch, easy to pair. They are VERY COMFORTABLE,I can wear them all day and they're still very comfortable. Just an overall amazing pair of glasses.
takashi11 -
Frame: mercury
Lens: persimmon

the glasses are really light and comfortable, looks pretty cool with the module combined. I get a lot more ppl asking me questions about these than any of my other collections. The BT unit is not too bad, and the range isn't as bad as some ppl here has reviewed it. I can leave my phone in my room and walk around my house and still able to hear my conversation. Obviously...the farther you are from the source, the worse it is. All in all pretty good. room for improvement, especially after seeing sth as drastic as Mission Impossible Romeos. For work place, they blend in perfectly.
cpsswat -
Frame Mercury with Silver
Lens: Light Grey
To start the glasses have a very classy look that look good in a buisness situation. it is nice that the lensses be swaped out making it easer for customizing. as for the headset it is bar non the best blue tooth headset on the market. i have go throught 4 head set that range from cheap to the most expensive most advanced on the market and the razrwire is the best yet. as for the design of the bluetooth it does not blend or hide as well as i think i should. hopefully the next generation is going to be better. they have been increasingly doing better with the thumps so i think is about time that they clean up the design on the razrwire.
Harry in Poland -
Frame: Pewter with Matte Black/Black Iridium
Lens: Black Iridium

First pair of Oakleys I’ve had which were not wires and have turned out to be a good purchase. The glasses themselves are much nicer than I was expecting, good quality and an understated look. But clip on the Bluetooth module and everything changes!

On the bad side: there isn’t as much side coverage as I like from glasses; and the module itself isn’t good at picking up signal. When I have the module on the right-hand-side ear-stem and my phone in my left-hand-side jeans pocket the quality is noticeably worse than with both on the same side. This doesn’t happen with my Motorola Bluetooth DJ Headphones so I have to wonder if Motorola shafted Oakley with a crap chip. Stops the glasses from getting more than four stars.

Do I like them? So much I bought another pair of glasses (custom frame/lens combination) and another module. I just wish I could clip the module onto more glasses (it will fit other wires but slides around too much).
Frame: Pewter with Matte Black/Black Iridium
Lens: Black Iridium
i work for cingular so i picked these up from work on special just because.
these are really convienient because most bluetooth head sets dont quite fit well with glasses on. and because they are O-Luminum they are really light even with the headset attached
Tick -
Frame: Platinum/ Rootbeer BT
Lens: Gold Iridium
The glasses are very light of course & the BT unit has great sound & is easy to use. My one, & only, complaint would be that the additional weight of the BT device makes it sometimes difficult to get them to sit on your face just right but with a little fine tuning you can get them to work just fine. My favorite detail on the glasses is how the nosepads attach to the frame. It's just beautiful & elegant craftsmanship.
oogie -
Frame: Mercury
Lens: Light
Frame styling is probably secondary to the earpiece functionality and use on other frames. The frame is similar enought to a half-wire to me, which is A-OK. The flexibility of the earpiece is what's really cool on the Razrwire. I can see some benefit, though, if the Razrwire frame would flip-up ala Thump to allow more indoor use.
american image -
Frame: platinum
Lens: gold

a great idea in a mediocre design , but perhaps that's just what oakley is going for, a bluetooth headset that looks cool , but not extra-ordinary. sound of the headseat is great, all in all a good car-item .
bong -
Frame: Mercury
Lens: Light Grey

first the frames: they are superlight! the first time i picked them up i couldn't believe how light these Oluminum frames were. fit was so-so on my huge, wide melon, the Bluetooth unit would leave a small rectangular divit on the side of my head after i take them off. the Oluminum frame is very sturdy, which made it more difficult for me to adjust the frames than regular Titanium or C5 frames. however, the overall half/frame design is very classy, and works for almost any situation.

the lenses: it's the Light Grey lenses that drawn me to this colour scheme than any other version of the RAZRWire. works for almost any lighting situations. the Oakley inscription on the bottom of the left lens adds a nice touch.

the Bluetooth Unit: i've tried other bluetooth units for my cell phone before, and i can honestly say i wasn't too impressed with the sound quality. however, everything changed with this RAZRWire... the sound quality is phenominal, dialing and recieving calls were loud and crystal clear, and i've experienced no dropouts. very well done!
dan-E -
Frame: Mercury
Lens: Light Grey

I'd imagine that the people first drawn to the RARZwire are Oakley fans who are also tech geeks (I mean that in a good way) who have to have the latest in gadgetry. Still it's a pretty good idea and it's cool to see that "Mission Impossible 2" technology come to life. I was underwhelmed when I first saw the photos. That earpiece looked bulky and seemed like it would make the glasses feel unbalanced. I finally tried these on the local O-Store and I was quite impressed. The earpiece is very compact and lightweight so when you're wearing they don't tilt to one side and you're not constantly adjusting them like you would on a pair of glasses where the earstems are slightly bent. I can't speak for the audio quality but everything I've read says they sound great.

As for the glasses themselves, they're based on the Half-wires, with a few subtle differences. In place of the Icon at the temples, there's a subtle molding that look like a half-O from the X-Metals. And instead of O-metal, they're made of O-Luminum so they're incredibly light (they could sell them alone and call them ZeroWires) and comfy. Overall, another cool idea from Oakley.
DisturbedEarth -
Frame: Mercury
Lens: Light Gray

These things are simply awesome and worth every penny. The design is cutting edge and the fucntionality is perfect. They are extremely light....I have worn mine today for 6 hours straight - still comfortable. The headpiece fits my other X-Metals but these glasses are a simple, very classy design and the lenses are suited for any occasion. I chose a lighter lens which works perfect for indoor use and even night driving....for direct sunlight days, I will simply switch to an X-Metal.

I should add that sound quality is phenominal, and both in and out and the noise canceling is great.
John -
Poor design. It's just a regular pair of wires with a separate module stuck to one arm. I expected cooler looking integration from the guys at Oakley. This thing looks like a phase-1 prototype. And it would've been better if they combined it with the Thump design.

Granted, I also think it's the horrible chip design of Motorola in general that Oakley had to work with. I mean, they didn't have to make the thing a square block. If they were serious about cutting edge technology, they should've paired with Bluespoon.
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