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Jammer -
Have just chanced on a frame for the O3's SKU 11-624 with no lenses, earsocks or nosepads, sold as Why 3's.
Bought them as I had another pair of Why 3's and thought I would make a good pair out of the two....
Reallised they were totally different when I got them both side by side to sort out what I could use.
Managed to get lenses made, earsocks and nosepads, had to do some work on shortening the screws and find some little clear plastic washers so that they would go together nice and tight but have them sorted now!
These are my favourites of my collection, have never known a pair of shades so light or comfortable, been looking for more ever since, does anyone else have these? Can't find another pair anywhere?!
MiB -
Frame: Titanium (Lens 2) [11-623]
Lens: Clear (non-Oakley)

Liked them a lot, however the earsock would get rolled if
you put glasses too tight under the motorcycle helmet or such.
It only takes few rolls and you need the replacement for earsock.

Otherwise, very nice looking frame.
ChrisFlynn -
Frame: Titanium/Lens 2
Lens: Oakley Clear Rx

I got these directly from Oakley in the infant days of their rx program. The hinges are very delicate and the springs may have been a little underbuilt. The hinges have never been tight. Still, they reliably served as my backup rx glasses for many years. The styling is beautiful. Great-looking with a suit and tie. To me, the O3 showed everybody the nuanced elegance that Oakley's capable of when they pull back the styling throttles a little bit. These glasses always drew compliments but some people - while talking to you about whatever it was you were talking about - would seem to study the nosebridge for a few minutes before they'd say how nice the glasses were. That's subtlety. I'd get another pair if I could find them but there aren't many of these exotics around. Four stars only because they're kind of delicate.
JimmyZ -
Frame: Titanium
Lens: Shape 2

These are the greatest, very comfortable, light and don't slip down the nose bridge. I have two pair, one with progressive lenses and it's my favorite to wear all day at work. Get compliments all the time, too, because they are unusual.....
Lali -
Frame: Titanium [11-622]
Lens: Clear (non-Oakley) prescription shape 1

When I first got this frame in my hands I thought it's not made for me. After trying on it had not enough grip and felt too weak.
But when the prescription lenses where fitted it was awesome. I had the feeling that I was wearing nothing. The spring hinges make this frame very comfortable for everyday usage. And the classic look makes it even better.
It's the best glass I ever had no doubt. Would be a great RX sunglass with dark tinting, like grey or black.
oaklitaly -
Frame: titanium
Lens: RX clear

Very light, but too much soft and weak for me.
Very elegant however.
2 stars
John -
Lens:shape 3?

I've had these through two prescriptions and 3 levels of tinting now. They are the lightest, most attractive frameless prescription glasses I've ever seen or worn. They've been stepped on in a bar and did not distort shape of break. increadible.
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