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>> Dartboard White-camo/ TI CLEAR: to the clubs <<
>>> Juliet Ichiro 51 Polished - Emerald Slate> Anything <<<
> Juliet Ichiro 51 Carbon-OO Blue Iridium> Anything <
>>> Juliet Finito Carbon - VR50 Black Iridium <<<
> Juliet Plasma/TI CLEAR as perscription glasses <
>>>>>>>>>> Oakley running thru my veins <<<<<<<<<<






Feb 22, 2007 8:40 PM
Actualy that picture is wrong...

That "thing" doesn't stays like that... its fixed on the wall in one position more like this one (isn't like this but was the best I could do with that picture)...

And it's used mainly for holding Backpacks and Clothes... In O-Stores...

Feb 22, 2007 8:28 PM
I had once one experience close to ball5out's experience...

Once I was with my girl in a Mall (My self with my Juliet Ichiro 51 Polished/Emerald Slate Iridium and my girl with her Dartboard Berry/G30)... and she wanted to check out one penny she saw... So we got into the store... one guy that just wanted to "show" his Juliet Plasma/Emerald Iridium came to me and sad "hey our glasses are twins!" I just begun to laught... he asked what was so funny and I saied "Dude my juliet couldn't be more different than yours... You are wearing one Plasma/Emerald Iridium and Im with a Ichiro Polished/Emerald Slate Iridium" as I saw he just bought cause everybody talks about juliets and he don't understand a thing about oakleys... I told him what was obvious... "See my lens have one signature, and my earsocks, nosepads are green and yours are black..." and he say "nice! " and he asked the seller "do you have it?" the seller answered "nope... That model is Limited Signatured... and Didn't come to Brazil, you can buy it on Mercadolivre (Brazilian eBay) or something like that but you will pay over 3000 reais (about 1500 USD)"
Them he just walked away the store and desapeared :P
*One "regular" oakley cost about 1800 reais thats about 900 USD... In my Ichiro I payed about 860 USD :D

Feb 22, 2007 8:09 PM
For us Brazilians paying full price in US... Its much cheaper than buying in Brazil... and even in discount areas in here... the price is way expensiver than there.. :(

Awsome find by the way!

Feb 12, 2007 7:24 PM
I saw something UNBELIEVEBLE DUDES!!!!!

UDAIPUR is one city in INDIA... a.k.a. City of lakes...

I was watching tv this weekend and there was one program showing the royal family life of Udaipur (king, prince, princess... etc) and host guy was using one HALF-JACKET Black/Black Iridium but that wasn't the most impressive... the most impressive was the princess using one DARTBOARD Berry/G30 and the Prince used one JULIET Plasma/Fire Iridium...

That royal family know what really worths in this life... Oakleys for sure! And certaly they have a great sense of style :D

Feb 6, 2007 6:45 PM
I guess Juliet with Polished frame and G26 Lens would look really great, stylish and looks like expensive (more them it already is :P )
Feb 6, 2007 6:42 PM
We still don't have too much options but... check out the topic I created about new oakley custom glasses

Feb 5, 2007 7:00 PM
The base jumper Jeb Corliss used to use lots of different Juliets on the show Stunt Junkies of Discovery Channel and the one that he used the most was the one with Ice lens...
And I saw in São Paulo in one Oakley event for promoting thump lots of sport celebs. wearing oakleys, a-wires, gascans, juliets, romeos 2.0 and for sure thumps (just like Bob Burnquist weared) :D
Feb 5, 2007 6:22 PM
Did anyone here already order them? I want to know how it looks like after all... so I can ask my cousing to buy me one :D
Feb 3, 2007 8:04 PM
Sometime ago there was one show in brazilian T.V. with 2 guys that was called "E.T. & Rodolfo" and it was really funny... The one called Rodolfo had one giant OAKLEY collection... (each program he used to wear one different oakley) he was a really Juliet and Mars fan... and here in Brazil Overthetop is really rare... and guess what... he have 4 of them (4 that I saw... probably he have more)!

And now there is a show called "Panico na TV" there is one of the hosters called "Bola" if my memorie is good... he wears one A-Wire (Brazilians if I'am wrong please correct me)

Feb 1, 2007 10:02 PM
It would be really nice a TOPIC for members trade, sell, buy, request, products...

What U guys think about it?

P.S. I don't know if there is already one thing like that... is there is I sorry :S

Feb 1, 2007 9:53 PM
Lens get dirt really easy, it can be sweat, hair gel, fingerprint, and lots and lots of things... So what I do is...

1st step - I first of all wash lens with running water (really moderated just to wet the lens)

2nd step - I get one piece of wet coton and clean doing small circles... (it wont clean perfectly... its just to clean better what running water couldn't...)

3rd step - I get a lens cleaning product (can be found in any specialised store... but get references about which product to buy) and do the same as u did in step 2 with water and coton...

4th STEP - I repeat the second step...

Last STEP - This can be resumed in 2 step Gran Finale and Drying... Gran Finale is.. U know those humid and soft paper used for cleaning babys? I use them for have sure the cleaning is perfect... (Don't use those that have perfum... use the neutral ones) and Drying... well leave they dry by the sun... leave "water marks" u can see that if u make that experiment its not dangerous and can be removed easily but... I don't care I love too much my oakleys to leave inperfections... so I use dry coton for it and old t-shirts (clean for sure)... they gets really soft with time, as much as they are used softer they gets anyone know that...
And when lens are already clean and dry I use one (washed and perfectly clean) MICROBAG...

Why all those steps...

1st STEP - Running water is the best way to clean detricts (like sand and dust) with out damage lens.

2nd STEP - As the runing water already removed all impures you don't have risk of scratching or damaging lens... So the coton with water helps to finish the cleaning, as it is really soft it with kindly clean the surface.

3rd STEP - Lens cleaning product is made for cleaning of course... and its specialy made for do that the best way as possible with the best result, and without affecting lens properties.

4th STEP - The sellers and producer of Lens cleaning products say that they don't leave residues.. but I know that they leave and with some time they became permanent marks... so as it is already clean I "wash" lens again to remove any residue left...

Last STEP - Can be resumed in one single word PERFECTION

It takes about 15 minutes for all the process... but results really pays
Feb 1, 2007 9:24 PM
Yep... that and Soccer Players, and Orange and we have a big part of global wool production and soy exportation... we own the technology of extraction of oil on sea...
And just like US we explore out neighbours :P
But thats the stronger law... thats the universal law now days...

Jan 31, 2007 8:50 PM
Icon208 Neil Ambekar, yeah dude... and who pays for it... is brazillian people that see other countries grow and we are left behind...

But that market protection have influences of LA market mainly of MERCOSUL (that means Commum Market of South Cone) that the members are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela and some associated countries...
The countries of MERCOSUL have partner ship but at the same time have one strong industrie/market protection cause brazil is a menence for other countries for its size, market and other facts...
And there is one historical fact related to one radical nacionalism in militar ditadure when they wanted that brazilian industrie grow... And for that we have been isolated from the rest of the world...

Too sad but things are changing! and thats a huge step....
Jan 31, 2007 8:42 PM
Freesh Alexandre Fréchette =))) Really good ones!

Dude I got liquid X-Metal running thru my veins... No further coments :P
Jan 30, 2007 3:58 PM
Second part.. :P couldn't resist :P

You Might be an Oakley Fanatic if for you...

* scar isn't a permanent mark on the skin
* valve isn't to stop water running
* zero, four, five and ten aren't just numbers
* pocket isn't to care money an cell phone
* XX isn't a century
* Speechless isn't be with no words to say
* Disobey isn't be a rebel
* Script isn't a computing stuff
* Radar isn't airplain tracker
* Blade isn't a vampire hunter
* Sub Zero isn't a Mortal Kombat character
* Crosshair isn't to aim (not always)
* Chain isn't to hold locker
* Titanium isn't just a metal
* Medusa won't turn u in stone...

Cheers! :P
Jan 29, 2007 10:27 PM
Yes, Brazilian importing fees are too high and too much burocracy... I guess u got a picture already :S

Jan 29, 2007 10:24 PM
- If when your girlfriend asks what you want to do in vacation you answer "Im thinking in buy a new juliet"...

- If your idea of go out is visit a O-Store

- If you go to beach, forget the sunblock but don't forget the microbag...

- If you have a car accident and go check if your oakley is okay before notice that your leg is broken...

- If you calculate the costs of a car in pairs of oakleys you can buy if it...

- If you buy to your girl one pair of oakley just to don't have shame of walking with here...

- If for you:
* jackets aren't clothes
* Oil Drum isn't the main Medium Orient product
* Teaspoon isn't for adding sugar on tea
* Off Line isn't Messenger Status
* Chiesel isn't a craft tool
* Halo isn't what floats over angels head
* Tangent isn't math stuff
* Why isn't a question
* Moon isn't a satelite
* Mars isn't a planet
* Romeo & Juliet aren't shakespear's characters
* Minute isn't a 60 seconds
* Fatcat isn't your gramma's fur ball

Well better I stop... I guess I'm too addicted :P

Jan 29, 2007 10:01 PM
Finaly my friends!!!

Brazilians can celebrate the first O-STORE in Brazil!!!

As many people know Oakley is having great results in the past fill years in Brazil...
Since 2002, when Oakley Established a Brazilian Subsidiary, Oakley grew about 40% in brazilian market. In 2005 Oakley Brazil had a great result when it won the award of "Best Subsidiary" in the 7 topics it had the best result in 5 of them... (Sunglasses, Prescription Glasses, Watches, Shoes and Clothing, just lost in Acessories and Eletronic Products) since them Oakley saw that Brazilian Market had potential to have one O-Store.

Brazilian O-Store is located in Morumbi Shopping in São Paulo it has 200m2...

The bad thing is... The prices are the same as before so we still have to pay R$1800 (Reais) for a Juliet or about US$850 (USD) or €650 (Euro)... But the store is preatty cool people should visit it... :)

Jan 29, 2007 10:01 PM
Have some exclusive stuff we have.. like caps, t-shirts and stuff (still have no glasses... would be sweet have one signatured juliet of Bob Burnquist that is a Brazilian skateboard legend, and is (or was... i don't know) of OAKLEY SKATE TEAM)...
Some are really nice like the contest that has just finished http://host.agente.com.br/hardshell/ where you could send ideas of "skins" for the hardshell backpack..
and the TOP 5 won HardShells Backpacks with they own skin!!!! Results can be verified in the link...
thats nice.. but only those that have curiosity of acessing the URL of OAKLEY BRAZIL (that really sux cause it don't have anything else them "where to buy", "contact us", "subsbribe of newletter" and sometimes like now "contest area" everything else you have to acess US OAKLEY website... ) gets knowledge of the things that are going on...
Jan 29, 2007 7:56 PM
Yeah I was suppose to post some pictures.. but I wasn't allowed to take some shots... and take them with my cell phone the quality would be really low... (hate VGA cameras) but... I'll find out a way to take the shots (and I guess they will be the first pictures ever of that store I can't find anything in internet about that store yet :P)

Yeah Brazilians really go mad in O-Stores in US... eBay is a really good option to us but... there is the risk of scam :(

For example... I need to change the earsocks of my Ichiro 51 Emerald Slate... But I just can't... cause in US they cost US$9... here (as they are green...) they want me to pay about US$25 so its cheaper go to US them make the maintence in here :P
But not everything is that bad... Oakley have it own factories in Brazil so we have for example clothes adapted for brazilian use... Cause it would be dummy sell lots and lots of gears for snowboard where the average temperature is 77ºF...
And with the production in here the prices get lower... and many of products are produced for exporting so you can see for example that now the shoes have Brazilian sizes too...

Jan 29, 2007 7:46 PM
Hey folks!

What you guys think about new OAKLEY CUSTOM Glasses?

From US$315 to US$365
You can set frame, lens color, earsocks and the Lens Laser Etching...
I think its really cool have my own "Custom" and "Signatured" Juliet... but thats a shame that I can't order it cause I'm in Brazil :(

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