Today 2:35 AM

Vinylmate to accompany my Tron Gascans
Sep 18, 2018 3:03 PM
Good to see SHIELD back.
Sep 17, 2018 2:32 PM
I'm wearing the same Sliver Edge today.
Sep 17, 2018 2:31 PM
The trouble is finding a shelf that fits it. My X-Men one is lying down with other books on top.
Sep 17, 2018 2:29 PM
That's awesome. Love Carnage.
Sep 14, 2018 9:33 PM
The Woodyfrios. One of my personal favorites.
Sep 14, 2018 8:08 PM

Sep 14, 2018 5:01 PM
Direct link:

Sep 14, 2018 12:26 PM
I'll look into it, thanks
Sep 14, 2018 12:24 PM
Yes, the texture, logo on the lens, and rough edges all give it away
Sep 13, 2018 10:23 PM

Last vintage Zero that I needed
Sep 11, 2018 7:03 PM
I covered some of it in one of my videos, including how I thought I had a fake way back when:

Here's a shot of the Gen 1 (1985) vs Collectors (2009)

The basic jist is that Gen 1 debuted in 1985. These were made in Japan and had a Serilium compound for the frame. They had a silky feel to them, but were a bit stiff (yet durable). They had metal hinges, a silk screened logo, and the name inside was all lower case: "frogskins"

Gen 2 as best as I can figured was around 1990. Many of the catalogs still had old stock photos with the metal hinge, but any new colorways would be updated. This moved to a hinge similar to the modern ones where the stem clasps around a point on the orbital. The logo changed to a capital F: "Frogskins" and the material was often the O Matter used in the M Frames at the time. The logo was raised and painted.

The New Frogskin took over in 1996 and the original in all its forms was discontinued. This is fairly distinct and has more issues being mistaken with a Ten or Five.

There was a period around 2004 when that went away and then in 2009 the Collector Frogskins appeared. First with two waves of Supreme Frogskins. The first being the White City and a few solid colors, then a Gold and Silver chrome pairing. After that, Frogskins were released one colorway per month for a while, and certain very limited exclusives were released to internal functions (like the Valentines). They kept the plastic hinge, but the axis point on the orbitals where the stem connects seems to be more tapered for strength. The logo remained the same, but the inner name reverted back to the all lower case "frogskins".

I still use the term Collectors Frogskins, and I've branched that out to any other classic design that's brought back like the Kith RazorBlade, Palace Mumbo, E/T/Square Wires, etc... but Oakley doesn't use that terminology. They have the benefit of not having to differential between new and old since they only sell one at a given time, and the current market is all that is relevant. Some also call it Gen 3, so it varies from person to person. There's no 'right' term, so there's no wrong, but I've tried to at least be consistent here if anything.

Sorry for no detailed photos, I tried to scour my flickr account, but I'm at work 99% of my life and don't have direct access to my collection at the moment.
Sep 11, 2018 2:36 AM
Welcome, good to have you here. And glad I fixed the member signup since it was broken since March (whoops!)
Sep 7, 2018 12:39 PM
Great deal!
Sep 6, 2018 3:43 PM
These originally were Sunglass Hut Exclusives, but the 60 day period has passed, and are now on the Oakley website.

We’re a company that specializes in taming the sun, but sometimes we’re inspired by the night. Shades of darkness in the Oakley Midnight Collection are accented with art that captures the mystery of movement in shadows. The Matte Black and Polished Black frames are paired with Prizm lenses that fine tune individual colors, enhancing detail in the hours of light.

Sep 5, 2018 5:46 PM
Don't have real numbers, but most collaborations aren't all that plentiful.
Sep 5, 2018 2:17 PM
Hah, I did too, but then I saw that they were greyed out. I'm guessing only Standard Definition will allow that. 1080p at 60fps, and hopefully 720p at 120 should still be good.
Sep 5, 2018 2:11 PM
Some photos of the launch night

Sep 5, 2018 2:08 PM
240 fps is going to be so much fun.

Sep 5, 2018 12:13 PM
Might be my first latch - The Game

I swear, in 5 years, I'll look back and wonder why I have so many latches.
Sep 5, 2018 12:11 PM
Given the production run, having 5 or them even sounds fishy.
Sep 5, 2018 12:10 PM

Timing was right to pull the trigger on these bad boys - The_Collector

Nice. Saw the Mainlink in that collection at the vault, but held off for now. The gascan might sway me more if I saw it.
Sep 5, 2018 12:08 PM
Heard that the Jawbreaker might be a store exclusive
Sep 4, 2018 2:20 PM
12:42 on the screen at the 4:25 mark.
Sep 4, 2018 2:09 PM
Latch Key L

Pitchman R

Latch Beta


Split Shot
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