Nov 3, 2007 5:09 PM
Can someone compare this to the Minute 2.0, MD, MP and Gascan big and small for fit/snugness/size....I love the new Matte Rootbeer but my head finds some Oaks too huge and they slip-old SJ's slipped, Gascan regulars slip, MD usually fit Minutes/Unknowns fit well and Gascan S fit perfect...Just wondering for small to medium faces how the new SJ 2.0 is....especially compared to the old one which felt loose to me. The Hijinx I cant wear at all if thats any indicator.
Final update -Got my pair they do fit very much like Matte Monster Dogs (Matte RB/Br Polar)..a nice fit
american image
science wrapped in art dealer
Oct 26, 2007 6:14 PM
it should fit you , though i little bit "roomy"..
it's not as big as hijinx, and a bit smaller than the 2nd gen. Straight jacket.

this is the biggest..

this is normal sized....

this is a little smaller than the 2nd one
Oct 27, 2007 4:25 AM
I have the same problem with the old SJ slipping.
But the new version fits perfect i'd say much like a Monster dog.
Matt the german
Oct 27, 2007 11:08 PM

have somebody hear about a
Oakley Straight Jacket 2.0 Shadow Camo

i couldn´t found it on the O website....


Oct 27, 2007 11:21 PM
It will have a transition lens, and be coming soon.
Matthew H
Oct 28, 2007 9:25 PM
Is VR28 Black Iridium Polarized still going to be available with the SJ2.0 or has that changed?
Oct 30, 2007 5:01 PM
Let me be specific..the regular Gascan's slip all over on me..are these the same relative fit/size? And no believe it or not the only OPD's around me havent seen their rep in 3 months so I have no way to try them on until I get to NYC..I have a fear of investing in the great Matte RB pair only to find I cant wear them...the old SJ's looked ok but felt very loose and not snug at all (I had the Ducati ones)
Just call me Woody!
Oct 30, 2007 5:42 PM
I can't wear the gascan either. It is too big on me and slips right off when I look down. These I find fit like the XX. They sit snug and with a very secure fit. They do not move around or slip at all. Hope that helps.
Oct 30, 2007 8:50 PM
Thank u ..helps a great deal...I need to watch my spending but that Matte Rootbeer looks awful good to me(Just not a White Chrome type)
Update Thanks for your help I blindly ordered them...we'll see in 2 days ...sound like they should fit fine
american image
science wrapped in art dealer
Oct 30, 2007 6:32 PM
minute 2.0

04-516 Dark Amber Dark Bronze
04-518 Pink G20
04-515 Polished Black Black Iridium
04-517 Midnight Blue Gold iridium
04-519 Polished White G30 Black iridium
12-934 Brown Tortoise Bronze Polarized
12-933 Mettalic Black Black iridium Polarized
13-790 Polished Black G40 Transitions
13-792 Pearl VR50 Transitions

straight jacket 2.0

04-325 Polished Black Black Iridium
04-326 Blood Vr28 Black iridium
04-327 Grey Smoke Black iridium
04-328 Polished Black G30
04-329 Chrome + Red Special Iridium
12-936 Matte Rootbear Bronze Polarized
12-935 Polished Black Black iridium Polarized
13-794 Shadow Camo G40 Transitions
13-795 Pearl VR50 Transitions
Ollie S.
Nov 10, 2007 11:35 PM
Here is a monster dog/sj2 comparison:

I find them to be a lot more comfortable then the MDs and much better fit. But that's just mho.
Nov 13, 2007 4:02 PM
I'd say SJ and 2nd Gen Md are very similiar My Matte Black Dogs are real snug but compared to 1st gen MD's SJ's are a way better fit ...but I agree this SJ and those that came before-no comparison- these win for fit for me anyway...and for looks in my opinion...not sure what Luxxotica will do with the sportier styles but I hope these stick around
Penny Madness
Nov 13, 2007 4:31 PM
I agree with Ollie. I finally got a couple of the new straight jackets and I find the fit a little more comfortable than the MD.
Derron Tanner
Nov 13, 2007 8:11 PM
sweet! they have nosepads? I never noticed that before. I really need to run out and get me a pair! Being the huge SJ fan that I am. I think I'm up to 8 pair now (actually 9, but I'm in the process of selling one). I can't believe it. That's sounds crazy! I'm still in the market for an Electric Mustard SJ--if anybody has one they'd like to part with, let me know! ;-)
Ollie S.
Nov 18, 2007 11:43 PM
Here is a pic of my shadow camo/g40 transitions...

Awesome frame...awesome lens!!

I'm shooting to do a +red swap with this one. Should be a killer combo as well.
www.drchop shop.com
Nov 18, 2007 11:50 PM
Hell yeah it will! + Red is awesome in Everything HAHAHAHAHA...Just kidding, doesn't look good in all but it does in most. Still a nice pair of glasses.
Derron Tanner
Nov 19, 2007 9:54 PM
where can one find the shadow camo SJ2? Don't see it listed anywhere here or on O.com. Help?

Nevermind. I found them on some retail websites. Weird that they aren't on O.com yet.
Nov 20, 2007 4:21 PM
If u want them from O Telesales may have access I got 2 Minute 2.0's before they were up(Blu/Gold, Black Polar)

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