Collectors Spotlight - April 2007 - LEX7
Age: 24 / LONDON, UK
LEX7: EJ Man

11 years

After months of convincing my parents to buy me a pair of proper sunglasses, I spent hours in a Sunglass Hut trying on every pair of Oakley's they had. Once I had decided on an Eye Jacket, I spent even longer deciding which combo to choose before finally going with Black Gold/Gold Iridium. It wasn’t until a few years later that I could finally afford another pair. I went with the OO A wire, after seeing the OO red iridium lens I knew it was a must have.

Black Gold/Gold Iridium Eye Jacket

That I stupidly didn't buy both of the 1st Generation Racing Jackets that I saw at the Denver Vault years ago. They had the White Tiger and the Blue
Tiger, but I didn't buy them because my Dad was with me and he would have flipped if I got them.

Well I am hoping to be all the bloc line stuff including the gorgeous DF 2
However you never know when you’re an ebayer!

If we are talking single items I have a few rare pieces but the true jewel of my collection has got to be my Eye Jackets. As far as I know I have the largest collection of Eye Jackets in existence (37 pairs). I like the sound of that. This includes what I believe to be a one off pair of eye jackets which is the gorgeous grapevine frame with black iridium lenses.

All of my glasses are stored and displayed in cases. Three of my cases are official and the other one is from Ikea which I painted silver and have a USA metal icon sticker where the logo would be on the official ones.

London O-Store although I take issue with the collective lack of knowledge among the sales staff. There is one cool guy there who helps me out though.

I have quite a few customs including a +Red/Fingerprint EJ and a X-metal/G30 Juliet with red and blue Unobtainium (love you Rick). I have six pairs of Juliet's and they are all customs. I think its because the spare lenses and the different color Unobtainium are so easy to get for Juliet's many people like to mix it up so much. I have switched around all my Monster dogs as well, its just so easy to switch the lenses you try out certain combos and now Oakley are doing lenses separately! I’ve got 10 custom dogs! I also love customizing my cans.

I don't really collect other items apart from stickers. I just buy random pieces that take my fancy. I do have a ton of display stuff which is very important to my collection cos I like it to look all beautiful on display. Before I displayed it use to take me ages to find the pair I wanted to wear.

I have a collection of almost 1000 DVD's. I also collect various sports company stickers. That collection is probably close to 10,000 nowadays. I have a few other small collections such as Stussy/Mossimo Zippo lighters and a variety of sneakers.

Be prepared for it to swallow up a lot of your time and money. People can lose track of themselves, and end up getting things they don't actually want. Be careful and take it slow.
Just remember you are buying for yourself and not to impress other people.

My ex got really into Oakley and had a small collection herself but nowhere near the passion I have. My brother is also a collector so he approves. My parents think I'm insane and would destroy me if they knew how many I actually had. Friends love it and I'm slowly converting a few of them.

Got to be getting my first pair. Your first is always the most exciting, and it was a huge deal for me being allowed to finally get them. That pair and me have had a number of adventures they have been all over the world with me and I also nearly lost them, I was trying on clothes in a store in Florida and hung them by the string of the microbag on a clothes rail 3o mins later when I was in the movie theatre I realized I didn’t have them so I ran all the way back there and to my joy and relief they were still there just as I had left them. That taught me a valuable lesson, Oakley belong either on your head or in your pocket!

O-Review Forever! Thanks to all who contribute and make it the awesome place it is.
Lets make sure we keep this site going til we are all old and grey and leaving the collecting up to our grandkids!

posted by Dann
Lee Silver
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Lex has one almighty collection of Oakley sunglasses, along with an indepth knowledge of the product that makes him stand out from the crowd as a real Oakley freak!
Rick (The Doctor) Fawcett
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Lex is the proprietor of one the most immense collections we have ever seen here at the O-Review. He has completed quite a few model lines which is testimony to have far this boy is willing to go in his pursuit of Oakley greatness. It was great to see the Spotlight shone on Lex, and I hope everyone takes a minute to really peruse his collection because he has many truly remarkable pieces that will shock and awe you! Congrats Lex.
Rick (The Doctor) Fawcett
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
He needs to add some watches to his collection though! :)
Wilson Ng
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Lex is one of the most dedicated and passionate Oakley collectors i know. just don't let oompah loompahs get near his collection though.
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
a way cool under the "radar" member. I have enjoyed helping Lex when I can, and it is nice to read more about him...Maybe one day, when I figure out what line of work I want to get into, and I make money again, I can take a long over due vacation to the UK to say what's up!!
Dann Thombs
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Lex's collection proudly held the title of largest when this site was in its infancy. While new members and time have both contributed to many collectors possessing mind boggling collections, Lex still achieved the coveted bi-centential club before the pace cooled off (and it seems 200 is a fairly consistent saturation point).

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