Family: Replacement Lenses

Farlius -
Color: Clear

Perfect replacement for the wear and tear of my other clear lenses. Extends the life of my Half Jackets for purposes of work even further. Confident eye protection. I only wish they made them 'leaded' for the x-ray exposure I get while at work.
fullback -
Colour: HI Persimmon.

Great lense to look AT on sunny days, great to look THROUGH on grey, cloudy days with some sunlight. I find that HI Persimmon is a bit too dark to wear at night times as it diminishes the brightness of streetlights - making them appear orangey-yellow. I would not wear these for driving.
fullback -
Colour: Ruby

Been waiting for these lenses for a long time. They have a redder appearance than the fire and the blue base is quite pleasant to look through - especially after wearing Fires. In my opinion, these lenses work great with jet or matte black, pearl, or the fmj or polished aluminum frames.
ball5out -
i used this lens to cut for custom making my polished penny with 24k. It turned out great and Im loving it. lens arent as hard to cut and the finish is still great with no scuffs
OluvrNawlins -
Color: Fire

I have these on an h/j I have had for some time, like earlier lens color variations, this version of fire too has an almost red tone in the center which some have called an earlier generation, but IMHO, its just an earlier/different bacth with this red hue which looks ruby like. I have seen newer versions that look more yellow like but mine are w/red centers.
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