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norm -
I've got the positive red, ruby, and black so far and they are fantastic---a truly innovative system. I had an issue with my + reds not fitting the frame (loose and they rattled) so I sent them back and oakley sent me new lenses and a new frame! Customer service is top notch with this company
oogie -
It seems clear to me that HJ lenses is where Oakley has alligned its resources recently. So many lens colors in both shapes makes it possible to creat just about any custom colorway. While there are so many colors, it strikes me that the emphasis should be building a selection of lens options for different light environments (dark, cloudy, direct sun).
Color: polorized ice, polorized black and H.I. blue
i especially like that they all come with their own little cleaning bag with a seperator for the 2 lenses.

great idea change it up anytime, dark during the day and H.I. for the night. i wanna pick up some transitions when otopia get those in.
ae86 -
This is what makes me like the Half Jackets so much - the availability of replacement lenses in different colors for different environments.

I have the grey polarized and titanium iridium polarized.
O-TasMiC -
Color: G30, Perimmon, Clear

Nice combonation of lenses for Golf. The G30 is also useful when running on overcast days.
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