Family: Wire
Date: March 2002

With durable Plutonite® lens material and sturdy C-5 alloy, the bottom line on impact protection is that it needs no bottom line. So we invented a bottomless frame that expands your vertical view while still surpassing ANSI standards for high-velocity and high-mass impact resistance. Rendered with 150 tons of pressure and machined with the precision of Computer Numeric Control, the monolithic backbone of lightweight C-5 alloy is raked back to liberate peripheral vision. Custom engineered spring hinges and dual sizes of Unobtainium® nosebombs offer the comfort of a custom fit, and patented XYZ Optics® opens the boundary of lateral clarity.
Dark Carbon
Black Iridium
Dark Carbon
Black Iridium Polarized
Fire Iridium
Ice Iridium
Ice Iridium
Titanium Iridium
Titanium Carbon
Black Iridium Polarized

Butt Face -
Oakley have the nicest styles in sunglasses, but build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Within a few weeks of using my Half Wire XLs, the hinge catch/stop had worn on one side. The result is lop-sided sunglasses. The metal used is exceptionally poor. I've had build quality issues with my other Oakleys (the coating on all three sets of lenses on the Half Jackets flaked away at the edges). The styling is great, but I can't recommend Oakleys to anyone.
Bear Oak -
Lens:BLK Iridium
I like these frames alot they fit and feel great.I have always owned the "Wire" usually the Ewire back in the day. I dont mind the weight of these frames (as alot of people do mind) I feel that they are very secure,and fit very well. The Iridium I enjoy on brighter sunlit days. Clarity is excellent! as you would expect from Oakley. There are not any sunglass's that even come close to the Oakley lines.
MattP -
Frame: Dark Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium
I bought these as a replacement for my old Square Wire 2.0 after a lens fell out of the frame and cracked, and I love them, but be warned the lenses have a tendency to fracture at the top near the bridge of your nose. I had the lenses replaced by Oakley due to this problem, and the second set of lenses have done the same. They're comfortable to wear, and offer good coverage for larger head sizes, and the lenses are a treat to look through in usual Oakley tradition but the lens defect does annoy. It's not obvious to look at, but bugs me cos I know it's there!
Fastguy45 -
Frame: Ti
Lens: Ice

I made a mistake by first getting the C5 version with the regular lenses, but in my opinion, the spring hinges are too weak and need a lighter frame to stick to one's face. The ti version is barely adequate in that area, but the XL lenses help immensely with coverage. I'd like it better if the frame had more curve to it. But something unique happened the first day wearing this model - someone said, "Aren't those like $200 shades?". So they must look the part, at least. New buyers should be careful to examine the lenses near the frame. Half Wires are the worst I've seen for fractures and scratches caused during assembly. The 2.0 version is better all around. I eagerly await the titanium version of that model.
Frame: Titanium Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

The best frames + the best lenses = the best shades. Forged from pure titanium, these frames are as light as a feather... yet tough as nails. They even have spring hinges for increased durability. And the lenses are polarized. What more could you ask? If I could give this pair a six-skull rating, I would.
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