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Date: June 2000-2002

Sand/Black (10)
Sand/Black (10.5)
Sand/Black (11)
Sand/Black (11.5)
Tan/Blue (10)

Oakley Shoe Fan -
I have two pairs of these now, one in the lovely Goldenrod colour, the other sand/black or tan...
They are very quirky, very comfy and all out, lovely.
Perfect on warm to hot days if you can't wear the other sandal's(Oakley of course).
Brice Mougoue -
Man this sucks, for a long time now I have been looking for Okley Flesh but to no avail, seems to be found only in the museums now but why? After the last one I bought, can't find any other one. Such nice stuff should not stop being produced, they are the ONLY shoes I love. Ok now how can we urge them to start making them again (the old models not these sucking new models)? WE NEEEEEEEEEEEED THEM BACK!!!
I have owned a couple pairs of these. Great shoe so comfy my only con is the padding would deteriorate way before the shoe 1yr+. I have tried to replace them but to no real success.If you find these in your size buy them as they are collector items at this point :).
Derrick -
I need another pair of these, they were my first Oakley shoes and only the Nail has a better fit for me. I have about 20 pairs of oakley shoes, but nothing is better than your first.
Color: Black

Oakley's early entrance into the footwear market proved difficult at best, as many of their first lines of shoes performed poorly at retail; the Flesh changed that, however - at least in my opinion. Combining aesthetic appeal, comfort from aeroprene, and the convenience of slip-on footwear resulted in an excellent shoe. The black color looks great with almost anything, and doesn't stand out too much like the blue. Due to the limited amount of use mine have had, I cannot comment on their longevity/durability, though.

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