Family: Eyewear Parts
Date: 2009

Released as an individual kit in 2012 separate from the combined Earsock/Nosepiece kit with the Jawbone in 2009. Fits Jawbone, Split Jacket, Wind Jacket and New Racing Jacket.
Bright Green
Lemon Peel

skull.jacket -
An interesting kit with versatility built right in. It is still Unobtanium, so it is still awesome; there are a few flaws but overall good product.

Pros: The earsocks fit as many as four frames (JB, Split J, NRJ, SJ) and rumored to fit a fifth (MN 2.0). That is pretty good versatility for an accessory that is almost always designed to be unique to just one frame. Also, because of the switchlock jaw, the nosebombs fit three frames (JB, Split J, NRJ). I really think this is something Oakley ought to consider repeating, as it allows ease of ownership and makes new frames more attractive when parts are interchangeable.

Nosebomb kits come with small and large fit pieces, although I still haven't figured out which one is supposed to be "standard" and "asian" fit, if at all. But I can use both so its like getting 2-in-1.

Cons: I know there was originally an all-in-one kit released with the JB, but those days are long since gone. The new kits are separate Earsocks and Nosebombs. I can reasonably speculate as to why, but regardless each ESNB "set" now costs me $20 instead of $10.

A suggestion for this and all earsock kits would be to make the area that faces the wearers head with a thicker layer of Unobtanium rather than make the thickness consistent throughout the sock. The sock would then have a bit longer lifespan as it wears out. The larger nosepieces have a larger amount of rubber and can do the same, even if that wasn't the intent behind it.

Had the earsock and nosebomb kits not been so widely available when I got my Split J, I may have reconsidered my purchase (or at least investing so heavily). The interchangeability would not necessarily have, but it certainly makes the Split J that much better. If I happen to get an NRJ (and i'm thinking about it) it would be very easy to pick up parts.

Bottom line, I hope Oakley does this more.
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