Family: Strap Kits
Date: 2011

You've got the world's best performance eyewear. Now arm it with the ultimate in wind protection. Specially engineered for Oakley Split Jacket®, the Wind Gasket kit shields your eyes from the onslaught of rushing air that threatens safety and performance. When you're facing an eye-chafing blast of blown grit and blinding gusts, just attach it to the frame. We designed it with a lightweight scaffold of durable O Matter® and a soft gasket of supple Unobtainium®for the comfortable seal of an adaptable fit. An adjustable leash is included to keep your eyewear in place, even if you're facing whiplash G-forces. Whether you're into cycling, sailing, kite surfing or any activity that throws billions of stinging air molecules at your corneas every second, you'll be armed and ready to face the barrage.

BiGCoB -
My review will be on a very specific use of the Split Jacket Wind Gasket.
I thought I could use that for skydiving and ... I was wrong.
When you fall down at around 200 to 300 km/h face down, you don't really want to have the gasket detaching and poking your eye/eyelid. But that's what happened. This wasn't such a great experience at all.
So, maybe for other uses it's a good idea, but for skydiving, forget about it.
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