Family: Wire
Date: April 2012


Dann -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Ruby Iridium

It had been a while since I bought a newer frame from retail, but stopping by my old OPD brought back some nostalgia of seeing the new releases. Nowadays we know each an every model months in advance. Despite the glut of Square O models, I couldn't keep my eyes off the bright red lenses shining in the corner.

The main selling point of the Deviation is the lens size. If you're a fan of aviators, then these will not disappoint. They are, to me, finally a spiritual successor to the Warden, and even have a Brown Camo option to match. But there was little other option than to get the loudest combination possible, so it came down to the Silver/Fire, or Black/Ruby. The fire reminded me of my long since parted Square Wire 2, but I'm a sucker for Red and Black combos, so it wasn't a difficult choice in the end.

Now to the actual review. Fit is excellent. They are light, and didn't even require a Titanium frame to achieve that, despite the huge lens. Coverage is also more than adequate due to said lenses. I do fear the eventual scratches and smudges from such a large surface, but with some care, it shouldn't be an issue.

Do expect compliments. These will undoubtedly stand out, and like the Time Tank, people will stop to comment on them. Be brave Oakley fans, and have the courage to wear something that draws attention. When people complain about the recent releases, take comfort that there are still some solid releases coming out here and there, and then take advantage of them.
50 Shades of O -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Dark Grey

Personally, I wasn't happy with them and ended up selling them. To me, they looked and felt cheap. I consider these to be sub-par for a modern pair of Oakleys. I'd recommend the new Crosshair over these any day.
anonymous -
Frame: Dark Brown Chrome
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polarized
This is my 9th pair of Oakleys and 4th pair of aviator style. I love the weight of them. When I got the PLAINTIFFS I thought they were too light and not very durable and low and behold they weren't. on the other hand they're way lighter then the INMATES. I also really like how they finally put an Iridium coating on an amber colored lens. Still like the looks of PLAINTIFFS better but I have a feeling these will last way longer
Ian -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: Dark Grey

I dig this frame. They very much remind me of Marine Corps issued sunglasses from years back. I like that aviator-styles are being improved upon.
Marcio Ribeiro -
Frame:Polished Black
Lens:Warm grey
Signature:Valentino Rossi

Comparing with my crosshair, this one is far more confortable and light,great for small faces.
This VR46 edition have great yellow details, and a exclusive microbag with the "sun and moon" print´s, plus vale´s signature on the back, awesome acquisition for Rossi fans.
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