Family: Analog
Date: November 2011

After a very long wait and several delays, the Full Metal Jacket was finally released...

The first impression was - although I almost hate to use the term since it has been so exhausted in the past - awesome. The watch arrived via mail in a large carton. Opening the carton revealed two separate boxes: one for the watch and one for the watch case. A special screwdriver was also included to remove/adjust links in the band.

The watch case was arguably the most impressive part of the package. Comprised of black acrylic and adorned with a metal Elite logo, the case also featured aesthetics which paralleled the watch design (i.e., slanting bars). The inside of the case contained a removable tray which displayed the watch and chain link; underneath laid a metal certificate of authenticity with the names of the design team engraved. In short, the presentation of the timepiece was nothing short of amazing.

The watch itself portrayed a somewhat unique design, with three separate dials, the date, and even a day indicator (nice touch). Also worthy of mention was the fact that the watch was removable from the band and could be joined with the chain link to create a pocketwatch. And of course the watch was automatic, never needing batteries.

Unfortunately, other elements negated the impressive presentation and positive points of the timepiece...

I am no watch expert, but after reading the description it appeared that the movement was nearly identical to that of the Time Bomb II - also an automatic watch, but with a $2,750 retail price (vs $8,995). For the price, one could purchase any one of a number of very high-end watches (including Rolex and Omega to name a few). But perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the watch was the "lack" of originality for design: it was very similar aesthetically to the Hollow Point, having the same crown, similar dial, and exact same band (except for the screws). Very disappointing lack of originality for an "Elite" timepiece, Oakley. Try harder next time.

The construction/materials of the watch seemed to be adequate, having been forged from titanium and protected by a sapphire crystal. Of course, with the pricepoint of the watch these elements were to be expected.

Also to note was the fact that the screws in the band were tightened with an ungodly and inhumane amount of torque - so much so that it was near-impossible to loosen them with the screwdriver that was included. This resulted in a very difficult, arduous, and unpleasant experience when attempting to adjust the band.

Overall, the watch was sufficient but it could have been better - especially considering the price.

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