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The frame actually has a cheap "coating" that absorbs light and emanates luminescence in darkness. With time (and handling of the frames), the coating will surely wear away and you'll be left with a bland pair of frames that no longer "glow" in the dark.

Why would one want "sun"glasses that "glow" in the dark, anyway?

Ian -
When I heard that there was a glowing frame option, I had to have it. I really do loathe frogskins, but this pair was one of my earliest "Holy Grails". If you have to ask why glow-in-the-dark frames are awesome, then you have something seriously wrong with you. In the daytime, these are kinda boring, especially with plain bronze lenses. However, should you ever go to a rave or anywhere else with blacklights, these things would be bombdiggety.
MB -
This frame option is a perfect example of a great idea that was badly implemented. A frame that glows is pure Oakley, but it would have been cool if it looked more interesting during the day (when you will actually be wearing the shades). In light, the frames look like a gross version of white - almost looking dirty. This frame really serves more as a conversation piece than a cool looking frame. It would have been nice if the frame looked neon green in the light or something similar, so it would turn heads day and night.
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