Family: Wire
Date: May 2009

Black Chrome
Polished Black
Grey Polarized
Polished Brown
Dark Bronze
Polished Brown
VR28 Black Iridium Polarized
Polished Chrome
G40 Black Gradient
Polished Gold
VR50-Brown Gradient

b2r -
Frame: Polished Brown
Lens: Dark Bronze

My girlfriend has these and she likes them very much. The color combination is good and there is a nice texture on the earstems.

Only drawback is that one of the screws came loose unnoticed and the lens dropped to the asphalt! Not nice and I hope that is not Oakleys new quality standard!
Marcio Ribeiro -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Grey Polarized

Picked one of these for my girfriend as a birthday gift, she loves them immediately!One thing i can say, even i´m wanna use them, they look´s amazing! The mix of black frame and red details are very rich, looks like a "ducati edition" and the polarized lenses feels confortable during all day, doesn´t matter if it´s dusk or sunny.
Farlius -
Frame: Polished Gold
Lens: VR50 Brown Gradient

The Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series. Picked these up for my Wife as a surprise gift. She loves them and they offer a contemporary style with a side of flare with the gold and bronze colors. They are great for her smaller head and very comfortable for her. She says she gets a variety of compliments from just how they looks to just different they are to the other 'ray-ban-maui-jim' types you see on all the girls making trout-pout faces in photos.
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