Family: Analog
Date: October 2007

Black Ion Plated
Red Dial
Black Dial
White Dial
Yellow Dial

Revolution -
Colour: Yellow

My most comfortable watch thus far.

That could be inpart due to the rubber band. It is my first band of it kind.
The watch is lighter than the TT, Judge, and comparable to Blade.
The face is not too large. The dial is clear to read. The border is of brushed silver.

The yellow is more gold, more subtle than expected, which is why I choose this as I wanted a yellow faced watch but one that was not bright as in other models. I find it great for daily wear when the face colour is appropriate for my attire.

Warning: My local vault had a variant of this watch. The yellow face was paler...looked faded. When operational the second hand would stop a minute in, vibrate, go back, stop etc. The battery was was a mechanical defect. They had two of such watches. I initially bought one and returned it upon noticing the defect. After testing the 3 holeshots in stock I noticed the differences from the working one that I settle on. Therefore test the watch before purchase. I have had no problems with my holeshot. The Vault had no knowledge of any variants/models/defects with this watch.
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