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Date: Summer 2005

RazrWire® is the first eyewear to combine patented Oakley optics with Motorola wireless Bluetooth® technology. The integrated design frees you from wires, allowing you to quickly answer and place calls with the touch of a button. A wearable link to your cell phone*, RazrWire® offers the freedom of mobile hands-free communication, anywhere and everywhere you want to be.
RazrWire® lets you take advantage of the best eyewear technologies on earth while enjoying the freedom to communicate without being tethered to your cell phone. You get the comfort, clarity and protection of patented Oakley optics combined with third-generation Motorola Bluetooth technology.
With RazrWire®, the technology you need is part of something you’re already wearing. A hands-free link to your cell phone is always at the ready, and there’s no need to remove it between calls like a conventional headset. The Bluetooth module can be moved to either side of the frame, and the speaker is easily adjustable.

*RazrWire requires a cell phone that supports the Bluetooth Handsfree profile or Bluetooth Headset profile. Consult your cell phone manual or contact your cell phone dealer for more information.
Absolute freedom
RazrWire® frees your hands by letting you use a cell phone without holding it to your ear. Take RazrWire® anywhere — it works up to 33 feet away from your cell phone, so you’ll have the convenience of hands-free communication with no wires to get in the way.
Handle incoming and outgoing calls easily
A ring tone in your ear tells you when a call is coming in, so you can turn off your phone ringer and avoid disturbing others. Just press the multifunction button on RazrWire® to answer the call instantly. No more digging for your phone or fumbling with a clumsy wired headset. If your cell phone supports Dial By Voice, you can use RazrWire® to place an outgoing call without even touching your phone.
Control at your fingertips
RazrWire® lets you access an array of advanced cell phone features with just three buttons. You can also adjust volume quickly and easily.
Comfort and convenience
Forget about hooking things on your ear or accidentally pulling off a headset with a tangled cord. RazrWire® eliminates the inconvenience and discomfort of conventional Bluetooth headsets that force you to remove your eyewear. The Bluetooth module integrates with the frame, and it can be moved to either side. And for all-day comfort, RazrWire® is made of O-Luminum, an alloy 40% lighter than pure titanium.
Patented Oakley optics
RazrWire® features Oakley’s patented XYZ Optics®, an innovation that maximizes clarity at all angles of vision. The semi-rimless design means there’s no rim to block your downward view, and the optically pure Plutonite® lenses improve impact protection while filtering out 100% of all UV. Custom engineered spring hinges offer a secure and adaptable fit, and soft Unobtainium® components increase grip with perspiration.
Clarity at all angles of vision via patented XYZ Optics®
Durability and all-day comfort of ultra-lightweight O-Luminum frame material
Secure, comfortable fit of custom engineered spring hinge mechanisms
Adaptable fit via fully articulated three-way speaker positioning
Optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
Expanded downward view via open-edge lens architecture
Maximized peripheral vision and side protection via raked-back lens contours
UV protection of Plutonite® lens material that blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light
Impact resistance that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards
Increased grip with perspiration via soft Unobtainium® components
Prescription-ready design that allows customization with corrective optics
Long battery life
An internal Lithium Ion Polymer battery minimizes weight while providing up to 4–6 hours* of continuous talk time. Standby time is up to 100 hours, thanks to circuitry that utilizes Bluetooth Sniff Mode — a technology that minimizes power usage when you’re not on a call, but keeps RazrWire® ready to answer any call that comes in.

*Battery life depends on numerous factors including volume level and environmental temperature.
Easy recharging
Recharging is simple and fast. A quick charge of 1.5 hours provides 80% capacity, and a full charge takes only 2.5 hours. For the ultimate in convenience, recharging can be done with the included Wall Charger or, with an optional cable, through the USB port of your computer. Even in foreign countries, wall charging is easy, thanks to the adapters that come with the optional World Wall Charger. And to recharge RazrWire® while on the road, an optional Car Charger is available.
Long transmission range
Untether yourself from your cell phone. With RazrWire®, you can be up to 33 feet (10 meters) away, and still carry on a phone conversation. That’s because RazrWire® is engineered with a state-of-the-art Class 2 transceiver that maximizes range while maintaining crystal clear sound.
Right out of the box, RazrWire® supports Bluetooth RF protocol 1.2 and is fully backward compatible with the 1.1 version. RazrWire® works with either the Bluetooth Headset profile or the Bluetooth Handsfree profile. We armed it with the latest technologies of wireless communication, and its adaptability ensures compatibility with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and many other Bluetooth devices.
No cords to dangle or tangle, thanks to an integrated design with wireless technology
Long transmission range of 33 feet (10 meters) from your Bluetooth compatible cell phone
State-of-the-art performance of a Class 2 transceiver
Long battery life optimized by supporting Bluetooth Sniff Mode
Dependability of a 125 mAh Lithium Ion Polymer battery
Ease of use with intuitive controls, trouble-free connectivity and built-in LED light for status indication
Simplified operation with only three buttons: one multifunction button and two for volume control
Convenience of integrated battery circuit that allows recharging via USB port or wall plug, or via optional Car Charger
Speaker Positioning….............Fully articulated for adaptable fit (rotation, pivot, fore & aft adjustment)
Speaker Engineering….............High clarity, full mono audio up to 3 KHz
Talk Time (Battery Life)...........up to 4 to 6 hours*
Standby Time…....................up to 100 hours
Battery Type…....................Integrated rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer
Charging Time…...................Fast charge (80% capacity) in 1.5 hours; full charge in 2.5 hours
Connectivity…....................Built-in port for USB (Mini-B) cable connection
Bluetooth Specification…........BT 1.2
Bluetooth Profiles…..............Handsfree, Headset
Radio Frequency….................2.4 GHz, GFSK
Transmitter Power…...............+4 dBm
Sensitivity….....................-80 dBm
Weight…..........................1.3 oz (37 g)
Included Software…...............None required
Included Accessories…............Wall adapter for local region, User Guide, Quick Start Guide
Optional Accessories…............Car Charger, World Travel Kit, Carrying Bag, Ballistic Case
Warranty…........................One year from date of purchase
Operation/storage environment…...-20ºC to 50ºC (-4ºF to 122ºF); 5% to 90% relative humidity
Charging environment…............0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF to 104ºF)

*Battery life depends on numerous factors including volume level and environmental temperature.
Mercury with Mercury
Black Iridium
Mercury with Silver
Light Grey
Pewter with Matte Black
Black Iridium
Platinum with Rootbeer
Gold Iridium

Dan -
Frame:Pewter with Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium

love the sunglasses but I couldn't give these a 5 solely due to the fact there's ZERO customer support for these.... good luck finding lenses, nose pads or ear socks.... BT works fine especially if you're mountain biking or some other sport that would jar a regular earpiece out
Ian -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

Very cool glasses. Gold Iridium is great for driving in almost all conditions except for night. I bought these glasses for the sole purpose of having a BT headset that doesn't get in the way with sunglasses or hang off my ear. The RAZRWire was the ideal solution. I have found myself using these far more often as a dressy style for wearing to church or interviews. They also have a cool, model-specific Soft Vault that holds the BT module in place. The icing on the cake was that I was able to pick them up MNIB for $50.

I also got my Saddleback watch there for $50, and my girlfriend's Riddles there for $40. Regarding BT call quality, there is a noticeable difference if the BT signal has to go through your body. BT doesn't function very well through water, and your body is very watery. Just a heads up.
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

I picked these frames up a few weeks ago as a birthday gift but they didn't fit right so I got to keep them. So for the last week i've been wearing them and have found that there are a few points of concern.

Pros: The Frame is very durable and like all other Oakley Frames very eye catching. The Arms have a very subtle shape that just add to the elegance of this line. The Frames itself are very light weight and very comfortable to wear for extended hours. The Gold Iridium Lens is brilliant in every condition thus far.

Cons: Though the Motorola Bluetooth is the clearest i've ever used it's a little difficult to get the proper fit and can be a little irritating at times to adjust. The size of the bluetooth is a little larger than expected and you can certainly see the GOLDEN O from a ways away.

Overall: This is an Oakley Product and its top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another pair given the opportunity.

Perkasa -
Frame: Pewter with Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium

I have owned this pair for months but never really been using it, as the lens is a bit too dark for most situations.

It is very comfortable, nicely shaped arms coupled with spring hinges really make it ultra comfortable. I can wear them on top of my head without causing pain.

The frame and lens shapes are very subtle so the design does not shout. The frosted "Oakley" etching on the lens is not really visible from the wearer's point of view. I personally think this frame is shaped like this as this shape fits more faces than the "sporty" shapes.

The Bluetooth is simply the most comfortable bluetooth headset I have ever owned (and I have more than 10 sets of bluetooth headsets). This is the only Bluetooth headset that I can wear for prolonged use without causing pain on my ear, as it can even be used without any part touching the ear. It is loud enough for the speakers to reside outside the ears.

The only problem I have is my typical Asian face actually does not let this pair sit high enough, letting light leaks through the top part of the frame.
Zacdog -
Frame: mercury with silver
Lens: light gray
Cool shades. Call quality is crystal clear on both ends. You can wear them all day and not get uncomfortable. The spring hinges just make it all the more comfortable.
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