Family: Photochromatic


Raymond Karlsson -
I often use the standard G40 or Persimmon on pale or grey days when I train on my roadbike. As I also like the VR 50 Transition I got curious in the G 40 Transition. That was bingo for me. A perfect mix of soft contrast and sun protection. When I compare them to the standard G 40 they seem to have almost the same light transmission in the shade. But it's in the sunlight that they really excel. My frame is Radar (Path shape lens).
idealoakley -
This lens is absolutely fantastic!
I love it. It offers you the ability to wear your shades in cloudy weather or indoor conditions, but when the sun comes out you are prepared. When looking at the lens they change from a pinkish color to almost black. They go so dark that people can hardly see your eyes.
The transition is so gradual that when you are wearing them you can hardly notice that they have made the transition.
I heard that these do not work well in extremely cold weather......FALSE. Today it was -28 celcius and they worked perfectly.
Transition could be a bit quicker.
Farlius -
Not bad contrast. The color change isn't super dramatic, but it is gradual so it can be hard to notice when they darken. I use these in my straight jacket frame and are useful on overcast days like when I'm doing yardwork. I like'm but if I had my time back would have waited for the silver/clear black iridium variety
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