Family: Soft Case
Date: March 2007


Bak -
Although I appreciate that this case comes free with the Flak Jacket, that is also the reason I do not return it. If I had payd good money, I would have.
Off course the shell is sturdy enough to protect you precious glasses. But the fitting of the Flak Jacket into the slots is just not good enough. Maybe the XLJ version of the Flak Jacket does fit better, but the normal lens only slides in a few millimeters. In my opinion this is due to two things.
One, with the earstems folded, there simply isn't enough lens to put into the slot.
Two, the fact that the slots are on a 90 degrees angle from the surface down and the lenses are on a slightly smaller angle from the frame.
These two make it a non-perfect fit. The glasses are not loose and shaking because there's enough soft foam on the top to prevent this, so it is not bad for your glasses.
For the Half Jacket this is goes as well, although they fit better. Because once folded, there's more lens left to fill the slots.
Furthermore, because you're lenses only fill the slots for a few millimeter, the size of the bottom part of this case is a bit overkill. There's a couple of centimeters (inches) unused, which in my opinion is a waste of space in bag or pocket.
Overall I prefer the Medium Soft Vault for the safekeeping of my Flak Jacket and Half Jacket.
idealoakley -
I have no issues with the case itself and the way it protects the contents from impact. My complaint is in the way the glasses and spare lenses fit in the respective slots. The glasses and spare lenses do not fit right. The slots are too small for lenses. I had to modify my case. I think OAKLEY might just be using the same case as manufactured for the HALF JACKET.
Flak Jacket Soft Vault -
I am not overly impressed with this vault. I find that the cutout foam insert with lens slots is made of a very stiff foam. This I find puts you into the position of having to force your shades into the slots rather than them fitting nicely. I also found that the curve of the slot does not match the curve of my lens. Oakley could have spent a bit more time refining the vault.
However it does protect from bumps and bangs. Still does not impress me enough to use it.
LukePhillips -
Very cool case. They come 'free' with Flak Jackets. The outer is pretty solid, you cannot bend it. Doubt it would hold up with alot of weight on it though. Holds the glasses very firmly in place with foam. There is also room for extra lenses. And you also have room to store a microbag in there. Loved it so much I went and bought a Soft Vault for my Juliets! Yes, I feel for the 'free' ploy hook, line, and sinker.
gary f -
i own half jackets i bought them about 2 yrs ago i take pride in how perfect i keep them ive been wanting a case for a while i bought another pair same style different colors and two cases while wating for the glasses the cases came in i loved it but after only a few days the case started to scratch the lenses on the inside bottom the case has a hard piece inside that the glasses rub on every time you put them in or take em out new lenses were 95.00 but good news oakley rep said there sorry DONT BUY THIS if you love your glasses
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