Family: Iconic
Date: December 2006

Our original RAZRWIRE™ combined the unbeatable clarity of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) with wireless BLUETOOTH® technology from Motorola. We designed the RAZRWIRE™ MODULE to be detachable, and even the frame alone became an object of desire. Now we’re offering the frame separately, letting you get the science and art of Oakley eyewear — with the opportunity to add the optional RAZRWIRE™ MODULE when you need a wearable link to your mobile phone.

Available in three distinctive finishes, RAZRWIRE™ NBT is made of O-Luminum, an alloy 40% lighter than pure titanium. That translates to all-day comfort and unsurpassed durability. The open-edge lens design means there’s no frame rim to block your downward view. Spring hinges offer an adaptable fit, and UNOBTAINIUM® temple sleeves increase grip with perspiration.

The pure PLUTONITE® lenses filter out all UV while achieving optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Lens contouring enhances protection against sun, wind and side impact. For razor-sharp clarity at all angles of vision, RAZRWIRE™ NBT features patented XYZ OPTICS®. If you need corrective lenses, the frame is prescription-ready.

Note: RAZRWIRE™ MODULE sold separately.
Light Grey
Black Iridium
Gold Iridium

Ian -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium

Very classy! I got these with the BT module on a whim, and haven't regretted it. I use these far more often without the module, as they are a solid, good looking pair of glasses. I'm not quite sure how I feel about "Oakley" being etched into the lens. It is kind of cool to have a pair of Oakleys that don't really advertise themselves, though.
Ed -
Frame: Mercury
Lens: Light Grey

I like that this frame was offered without Bluetooth at a lower price point (at least for a short time) for those people that didn't want or need the Bluetooth module. I really wish O-Luminum would get more respect from Oakley. The frames are very solid-feeling yet surprisingly light. Spring hinges are a necessity since O-Luminum is so stiff. I expected these to fit like Half Wires, but the lenses are much more square and there is much less wrap. As a result, the look isn't quite as nice as I hoped, but I'll still wear them.

As an Oakley fan, I had hoped for more aggressive styling (like an embedded icon or more sculpting), but I can understand that a plainer frame would have a better chance of appealing to new a customer base (for the Bluetooth-equipped version). One element that does stand out is the block-lettered OAKLEY etching on the lens. The letters have almost a frosted appearance, unlike most other Oakley lens etchings that use an outline font.

Mercury is a rather plain metallic silver... nothing special, but it gets the job done. Light Grey is a perfect tint for medium or variable light conditions, or when you don't want a very dark tint.
takashi11 -
Frame: mercury
Lens: persimmon

The style is pretty good. Nothing that catches a lot of attention, but the custom lense certainly do. Oluminums are great...super light, but only feels a slight bit cheap to handle. not sure if it can handle stress... I'm sure it can. It's just sth this lightweight don't usually seem sturdy compare to titanium, or x metal~...even the C5. All in all...I love this combo~
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