Family: Backpacks
Date: 2006


A very 'Oakley' product. much like a lot of their more unusual items, you don't know why you want it, you don't even know if you'll ever use it, however, you do know that you need it!

I have seperated mine as use it as a small bag that I can stick a camera and wallet/sunglasses in, and I also use the belt and bum/fanny pack when travelling, almost as a money belt.
defiant00 -
I've actually found that this works really well as a dropleg holster. I have a tactical light on my pistol (Walther P99), and it fits perfectly in the large pouch (i removed the smaller one and connected the main pouch directly to the belt). Great for going to the range, and always gets comments!!
Oakleyman24 -
Got this on ebay not long ago. This is AWESOME!!!!! I've used this for hiking a couple of times and everything I couldn't put in pockets goes in this. The belt works great by itself too. Every Oakley collector needs this.
Adrian -
This thing is a head turner! Gets a lot of looks lol. Screams Oakley. Useful for carrying light stuff on the go...small water bottle for running or credit cards, cash, cell phone, car keys, etc!
PropWash -
I think this is an iten that fits into a niche segment well.

Aside from the usual stellar construction and styling that we expect from Oakley, it really helps put personal cargo in places that have 'free space' while giving you the flexibility that you might need in a physically demanding situation.

It might not make sense for a walk in the park, or commuting in the urban jungle, but it will serve you well in a tactical situation where you are encumbered and need immediate access to certain provisions on the fly.

That and it looks cool in full tactical get-up like a BDU and the AP vest.

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