Family: Military & Industrial
Date: 2006
The latest edition of our acclaimed STANDARD ISSUE (S.I.) ASSAULT BOOT features enhanced load-bearing stability, improved anatomical fit and even greater tread durability. Choose the full-grain leather version in Black or the Desert variant that matches split suede leather with breathable Cordura
Black (Wide)
Desert (Wide)

BritPod -
I bought a pair of Oakley SI boots when they first came out years ago and wore them since. In minus 40c weather to boiling heat, even walking on red hot coals in exotic places.

They were, in my opinion, the best footwear I'd ever owned. I wore them whenever I rode my motorcycle as well as they were really comfortable, durable and gave solid protection.

So I didn't think twice when I ordered these 8" versions in 09. Big Mistake.

When I got them I saw much of the boot is now made up of some plastic material, not leather. I didn't think this was a big problem as if Oakley abandoned the leather it would be for versatility not being cheap. I was wrong. I came back from an hours riding on my bike to see a massive hole melted through the boot. The fabric underneath the plastic crap was untouched... but the plastic that makes up half of these boots melted away from being near the bikes engine, despite the heat not even being enough to hurt or burn bare flesh or mark any other footwear or clothing.

I returned them to Oakley, who two months later told me I was SOL and wouldn't replace them for me.

I've learned my lesson, Oakley doesn't make quality, durable gear like they used to anymore.

MikeD -
Bought a brand spanking new pair of these boots for work. First wear, 4 eyelets break. Happened to a friend of mine as well. The older model is MUCH better, my colleagues give ti rave reviews. Newer model is terrible and would not buy them again.
xtremehardy388 -
Got the Summer/Hot weather ones. They're the second gens but seem pretty study. They're very light and have a nice tread pattern. I use 'em as a firefighter (they're night firefighting boots). They're good for inspections and station wear. Hope they hold up well.
Dcovert1 -
I recently bought a pair of the black ones and i love them. they are totaly worth the money. the only problem i ran into them is i dont want to take them off! Very durable i have weak ankles and these really have saved me a lot of pain. Highly recomennded.
johnnygoodbeer -
The best boots i have worn in all my life, ever since i could tie my own boots laces. i have the Desert colour and i love them when i go out..a boot you can wear for more than 24 hours a day, i have worn these beautys for 48 hours in 1 go and they didnt hurt but my feet did smell abit when i took them off.
I have only just got them in the last 3 months, and i planning on buying more pairs when i can.
trust cant go wrong with these boots..
you will love wearing them everyday.!!
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