Family: Red Camera
Date: 2006

Modular and upgradeable, the RED ONE camera is a future-proof acquisition system you can build upon. RED’s modular design means you can upgrade with us as we add new features, accessories and improve system specifications.

Typical high-end HD camcorders have 2.1M pixel sensors and record with 3:1:1 color subsampled video at up to 30fps. We deliver 11.4M pixels at up to 60fps and record RAW, or 2x over-sampled HD in 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 – your choice. That’s more than 5 times the amount of information available every second and a vastly superior recording quality. Don’t need all that data for your workflow? Dial it back, and keep all the other advantages of the Mysterium™ Super 35mm cine sized (24.4 x 13.7mm) sensor. You get the same breathtaking Depth of Field and selective focus as found in film cameras. Mysterium™ boasts a greater than 66db Signal to Noise Ratio thanks to its large 29 sq. micron pixels. And 11,480,800 pixels deliver resolution that can only be called Ultra High Definition.

RED ONE is a modular design that easily accepts upgrades in hardware, software, storage, handling and monitoring accessories.

Shoot lightweight ENG style (body less than 7 lbs., in rugged magnesium alloy) or load it up to shoot a feature film. Initial options will include RED-CAGE for mounting accessories and “growing” the camera body. Configure for studio pedestal, crane or long lens applications. RED-GUN lets you shoot from the hip, or shoulder like a rifle. Onboard or external high-resolution RED monitors come equipped with advanced tools for framing, exposure and focus. The RED ONE camera has numerous stainless steel mounting points on the body to allow hundreds of optional RED and third party accessories... some that haven’t even been dreamed of yet.

DoctorCrip -
Only JJ could dream up something as crazy as this. I'd love to have one - I can only imagine the reactions I'd get from people. Well, one can dream.
Eddy -
I saw this and decided to show it to my girlfriend who is a film my "Savings fund to buy a Hayabusa" has turned into my "Savings fund to buy my girlfriend a Red One Camera" thanks alot, i'd give it a 5 on cool factor, but it robbed me of a Hayabusa...

*We're engaged and she told me she'd rather have this than an engagement ring, since it's more practical to her.
dirtjump_boy -
screams OAKLEY !!! totaly unique
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