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Date: 2005


While it's one of the most controversial,if not ,THE most controversial lens ever,the amber black iridium polarized manages to literally have it all.It's got iridium which is supposed to be more reflective,and not allow the eyes to be seen,yet,you still can see somebody's eyes,just like the old time aviators that didn't have mirror coating.Yet,and because of this,although you'd think that the lens itself is meant only for overcast days,they are exceptionally protective against the strong sun,and you somehow feel like you have the darkest lens in front of you.Their tint is a nice yellow to green one,that resembles the fire iridium,very pleasant I think,and IMO they're possibly the most succesful option for the crosshairs specificly.
JimBob -
Other than the yellow/greenish hue that these give to everything (which is not necessarily a bad thing) these lenses are excellent for overcasts days, These definitely do not feel like a 18% lenses (which is the same transmission rate as VR28 Black Iridiums) and enhance just about everything on a dull day. However, wearing these during the dawn or dusk periods doesn't quite work as they don't quite work too well with car headlights.
Ian -
These a niche lens. I can't really imagine situation where these would ever be the best option. With that said, I'd probably use these as an all-conditions lens for fishing.
mitchisabeast -
These are the best light lenses you can buy. The tint really makes colors pop and they are great for any day except for an extremely bright day. Even so they block a lot of glare and other unwanted light. Great for any mildly bright to very low light, I even wore them at night and they were still great! Definitely a must!
fishman -
These are the best fishing lenses money can buy. They make seeing fish in water almost effortless. I have found that I can see pan fish in water up to 15 feet deep with these things on. I have tried the fishing specific lenses before in the past and these things are 100 times better.

All of you anglers by these while you still can!
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