Family: Time Bomb
Date: 1998


The cost on this was $2500, not $1500, and this particular watch was available from Oakley only - no dealers (at least, not to the best of my knowledge) were able to acquire this watch. An incredible timepiece, the watch has the number "2" on the face which resembles the number on Rusty's racecar. It also comes with an authetic autographed, hand-numbered card encased in thick plastic. While the card is similar to the card that comes with the Eddie Jordan Limited Edition TimeBomb, this card is ACTUALLY autographed, which makes the collectability that much more appealing. These watches are incredibly rare, and are also serial numbered of only 100 made. A priceless addition to a true Oakley fan's collection!
Timmy -
TBH cost was only because it was limited edition. Besides the '2' the rest is just so so... personally I think the Emerald version looks better.
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